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Learn how Iron Mountain InSight provides actionable business insights and predictive analytics through Machine Learning (ML) - based classification of a company’s physical and digital information.

23 November 20216 mins
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What if you could

  • Accelerate digital transformation: capture, classify, index, enrich and visualise your data regardless of format - physical and digital.
  • Reduce risk and drive compliance: validate your data is complete and apply automated information governance.
  • Use one cloud-based system of record: archive data from multiple content sources.
  • Achieve business assurance: empower critical decisions by unlocking the power and value hidden in your data.

Drive actionable insights for business

Business challenge:

The distributed nature of today’s business environment can create an ecosystem of diverse systems with multiple data types from various data sources, including physical (paper, tape), and digital (application generated, human generated) information.

Most information is now digital, but many physical records are still archived off-site, and most organisations also often encompass multiple departmental “silos,” each utilising its own records and information management processes. This lack of standardisation creates inefficiencies that can negatively affect your ability to gain critical business insights from your information, and increases the risk of audits and legal action.

A content business services platform

Iron Mountain InSight® is a content services platform that provides actionable business insights and predictive analytics through Machine Learning (ML) -based classification of a company’s physical and digital information, which adds structure, context and meta-data to information to make it more usable. The resulting enriched content can then enable enhanced automated governance and workflow throughout your organisation.

How it works

Iron Mountain InSight® “industrialises” the process of data capture and content enrichment. It supports data ingestion from various sources: physical (paper, tape), digital (application generated, human generated). Once ingested, the documents are classified by type and the metadata is organised as a collection.

This process trains the convolutional neural networks connected to the platform, so that once document and metadata indexing is complete, a baseline library is established, which can then be searched for patterns and trends and used to run visualisation and analytics tools against applicable business use cases.

The content services platform uses both visual and text classification to increase classification accuracy, allowing users to focus on the analysis needed to drive business decisions.

Secure, collaborative access to your information

While every organisation strives for collaboration it’s inevitable that business silos exist, which can make it difficult to transfer knowledge, share expertise and exchange files among different teams. With Iron Mountain InSight, many teams across multiple lines of business can gain actionable insights from your data using one secure system of record.

Iron Mountain InSight® can help you solve difficult business challenges including: