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Quickly access the information you need

Paper is still part of many organizational processes, which slows work down. Even when documents or records are digitized, your employees can waste valuable time manually searching the documents for key data that they need to do their jobs. This challenge only gets exacerbated when documents are used by multiple stakeholders as part of organizational workflows.

Iron Mountain can digitize and classify your documents so you can easily search and access them on a digital platform. Our digital platform portfolio includes AI-enabled intelligent document processing capabilities to automatically extract select data in documents so you can quickly access the key data you need to take action. You can create your own automated workflows using the platform’s low code environment or Iron Mountain’s skilled Professional Services team can build them for you to streamline document routing and identify process delays or missing documents.

Learn more about our suite of software as a service (SaaS) solutions designed to drive efficiencies in your organization’s most common processes and address industry-specific challenges.

InSight content services platform

Platform options

Our team works with you to choose the best platform for your organization. Whether you need intelligent document processing, workflow automation, on premise or cloud-hosted solutions, we have the right capabilities across our platforms to help you quickly access relevant information buried in your content.

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Streamline your workflow

Explore our Workflow Automation solutions. Whether you are looking for a faster and more accurate monthly close or want more time to be able to put the human back in HR, we have a solution to support your business goals.

Business process management (BPM) systematically makes organisational workflows more effective and efficient. Workflow Automation™ eliminates the administrative tedium – provides time for higher-value work, faster processing and increased accuracy.

Our Workflow Automation™ solutions are powered by best-in class technology. Whether you are looking for a faster and more accurate monthly close or want more time to be able to put the human back in Human Resources we have a solution that will support your department’s critical business goals.

Workflow Automation™ will allow your business to:

  • automate back office workflows and reduce your IT burden
  • avoid capital investment
  • reduce operating costs

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Improve monthly close with automation

Check out our Workflow Automation solutions powered by best-in-class technology for Accounts Payable. You will be able to improve your tracking and the monthly financial close as well as streamline AP processes.

Accounts payable automation will expand your controls, visibility and tracking, streamline accounts payable processes and improve the monthly financial close.

With Workflow Automation™ for Accounts Payable you can track and annotate invoices and purchase orders using the dashboard. This accounts payable solution will eliminate paper and the onus of low-value work on your staff.

Accounts Payable automation can also:

  • avoid routine touches, use your time to handle exceptions
  • shorten your processing cycle
  • reduce errors

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Faster, More Accurate Processing

Automate the paper-heavy invoice process with accounts automation receivable. Move your business forward with Workflow Automation™ for Accounts Receivable.

Automate your processes for a swift and accurate monthly close. The Workflow Automation Dashboard provides you with improved controls and visibility. All information needed for fast and accurate processing and collecting payments can be accessed, by authorised users, from this single source.

Implement Workflow Automation™ in your Accounts Receivable department, not only will you reduce your IT burden and avoid capital investment, you will also:

  • improve your financial close
  • work faster with on demand access to your critical business documents
  • link all critical supporting documentation that is directly related to billing transactions and collections
  • have access to a central repository of collections information track the collections process in one centralised location

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Contracts management automation

Track and control the entire contract lifecycle using the Workflow Automation™ for Contracts Management.

With this automation solution you will be able to:

  • centralise your contracts and control who can access
  • rack what was changed, by whom and when
  • send automatic reminders to renew expiring contracts

Automating Contracts Management speeds turnaround. It creates a more streamlined, collaborative process that ensures that business owners who initiate new contracts, or work on developing contracts, use current information and copy.

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Security and compliance

We take security seriously, that’s why 95% of the Fortune 1,000 companies trust Iron Mountain with their critical and sensitive records.

We have been securing sensitive data for 70+ years and provide services across a wide range of industries in over 60 countries.

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Frequently asked questions

Browse these frequently asked questions and contact us if you’d like to ask your own.

Who can access my documents?

Iron Mountain’s Implementation team meets with your organisation to learn how your organisation wishes to handle documents: by department, floor, individual, etc.

Iron Mountain then sets up your users, user groups and data security rules to ensure that the proper people have access to your information. Post implementation, your administrator users will be able to update your user groups and maintain users.

Learn more about privacy and data protection at Iron Mountain.

How does Iron Mountain ensure that only the right users access information?

Data security is paramount to any organisation and Iron Mountain makes this easy with metadata based security capabilities. Metadata security rules can be set up by your administrator and assigned to users either at the individual or user group level. This ensures that users are only accessing information they should.

Can I use InSight for my documents that have been previously digitised?

Yes, you can easily ingest your digital documents and add index data to help centralise your information. Ingestion from the following repositories is also supported: Iron Mountain Connect via Image on Demand (IOD), Amazon® Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) (including but not limited to SharePoint, Alfresco and OpenText), Google Drive, Drop Box, Network File Systems (NFS), as well as data from tape, photos, audio and videos.

What happens to our physical documents that are digitised by Iron Mountain?

You are able to select from several disposition options for your physical documents:

  • Your physical documents can be returned to you
  • Your physical documents can be stored in an Iron Mountain record center
  • Your physical can be securely shredded
Are these SaaS solutions scalable?

Yes, these solutions are able to accommodate any number of users and store vast amounts of data in multiple countries.

Is my data recoverable in the event of a disaster?

Your data is stored in the cloud for a length of time that is based on your contract and your organisation’s retention requirements. The InSight Customer Care team is your main point of contact for disaster recovery assistance.

Why should I choose Iron Mountain?

Unlike other offerings, Iron Mountain provides an auditable chain of custody across physical and digital documents. We take security seriously, that is why 95% of the Fortune 1,000 companies trust Iron Mountain with their critical and sensitive records. We have been securing sensitive data for 70+ years across a wide range of industries in over 60 countries. You can rest easy knowing that your information is safe in our end-to-end solution - from digitisation at our scanning centers to auto-routing your documents to the intended recipient and disposing of your physical documents in the manner you request (securely storing, shredding, or returning them to you).

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