Gender pay gap report 2017

Iron Mountain is a global business dedicated to storing, protecting and managing, information and assets.

At Iron Mountain, we welcome the opportunity provided by the reporting requirement to help direct the pursuit of our Inclusion and Diversity goals.

Iron Mountain has two UK employing entities, Iron Mountain (UK) PLC and Iron Mountain (UK) Services Limited.  Since we operate as one organisation from an employee inclusion and engagement perspective, we have disclosed combined figures, as well as figures for each employing entity.

As an organisation, our overall gender pay gap compares favourably to the median UK gender pay gap of 18.4%.  Despite this, we continue to strive nationally and globally to address the gender pay gap, and to improve diversity across all areas and levels of our business.

While our overall gender pay gap is negative, the statistics highlight areas of gender imbalance which we need to address to create an even more inclusive organisation.

Pay and bonus gap data

The gender pay gap shows the difference in average hourly pay between women and men.  It is important to note that the gender pay gap differs from equal pay.   Equal pay deals with the pay differences between men and women who carry out the same jobs, similar jobs or work of equal value.  The gender pay gap shows the differences in the average pay between men and women regardless of role.

The data below illustrates our mean and median hourly gender pay gap and bonus gap at the snapshot date of 05 April 2017 for pay and in the twelve-month reference period to 05 April 2017 for bonus.

The figures listed for Iron Mountain (UK) PLC are impacted by the fact that the majority of our leadership, support functions and professional services sit within this entity, with proportionately more men in senior roles and more women employed in junior level roles.  We believe that these are the main explanations for our pay gap in this entity. 

Iron Mountain (UK) Services Limited, with nearly three times as many employees as Iron Mountain (UK) PLC, is where the majority of our physical records storage and data management solutions roles sit.  A very small number of high bonus values has skewed bonus results for this entity and the combined organisation.

Total organisation

Pay and Bonus Gap Mean Median
Gender Pay Gap -7.4% -8.2%
Bonus Pay Gap -43.3% -27.4%


Male bonus proportion Female bonus proportions

Iron Mountain (UK) PLC

Pay and Bonus Gap Mean Median
Gender Pay Gap 24.0% 28.6%
Bonus Pay Gap 24.9% 53.9%


Male Receiving a bonus Female bonus

Iron Mountain (UK) services limited

Pay and Bonus Gap     Mean Median
Gender Pay Gap -1.3% 4.3%
Bonus Pay Gap -52.9% 1.9%


Male quartile bonus Bonus female quartile

Employees by pay quartile

Total Ogranisation
Limited Services

Responding to the results

Iron Mountain is committed to creating and supporting a diverse, inclusive workforce. One of our global values is to ‘Promote Inclusion and Teamwork’.

We have an active Inclusion and Diversity Working Group, which assists our leaders with raising awareness and taking action. We have established a number of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which create safe, inclusive environments where employees can feel connected and valued. 

Iron Mountain's first Employee Resource Group, Women@IM, is committed to accelerating the attraction, development and movement of female talent into roles of increasing responsibility and influence.

To continue our efforts to be a fully inclusive organisation, we will build on our existing initiatives:

  • delivering participative and thought-provoking ‘Unconscious Bias’ training to our leaders and people managers;
  • implementing recruitment policies which include gender-balanced candidate shortlists;
  • adopting a positive approach to flexible working opportunities, including homeworking, enabling many employees to balance employment with their outside commitments and lifestyle;
  • introducing our ‘Women in Leadership’ programme to Western Europe in 2018, to develop many talented female leaders, providing them with support networks, role models, and further preparation for senior roles.

Through our commitment to these actions and programmes, we will strive to address the gaps highlighted by the reporting.

Inclusion at Iron Mountain is about creating an environment of involvement, respect and connection, one where we listen to, and value, everyone’s ideas, backgrounds and perspectives.  This improves how we perform as individuals and teams, and ultimately helps us succeed as an organisation.

I confirm that the data in this report has been prepared according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017
Charlotte Marshall - Senior Vice President & General Manager - Western Europe
Rachel Jerams – HR Director - UK & Ireland

Women at IM

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