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+44 (0) 1782 654 710

Access the Iron Mountain Connect Records Management User Guide for detailed user procedures and information.

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(+44) 01782 654 710

24-Hour Support for Iron Mountain Customers 

Whether you have been an Iron Mountain data center customer for decades or have joined the family via one of the recent acquisitions, our goal is to provide every Iron Mountain data center customer with responsive, professional service 24-hours a day across the globe.

Please use the below contacts to reach us. If you were part of an acquisition, the specific contact information for your NOC/support team is also listed.

North America (NA)

Email: imdcsupport@ironmountain.com

Phone: 833-IRM-COLO (833-476-2656)

Submit a ticket: https://imdc.service-now.com


Europe (EMEA)

Email: emea.imdcsupport@ironmountain.com

DE Phone: +49-698-0884518

ES Phone: +34-9194-94225

NL Phone: +31-20-5320859

UK Phone: +44-203-868-4035

Submit a ticket: https://imdc.service-now.com


Asia Pacific (APAC)

Email: apac.imdcsupport@ironmountain.com

IN Phone: 000-8000-503817

SG Phone: +65-3157-6839

Submit a ticket: https://imdc.service-now.com

Frequently Asked Questions About Data Lifecycle Management

What is data lifecycle management?

Data is growing in volume, variety and value. Research has shown that the amount of data is doubling every two years and will continue to do so through the end of the decade.1 Organisations are not only producing more data, they are required to save 1 “The Digital Universe of Opportunities: Rich Data and the Increasing Value of the Internet of Things,” IDC, April 2014 more data—and more types of data— to meet regulatory requirements and respond to potential e-discovery requests. This means there is more data to back up, archive and replicate for faster disaster recovery.

Is there still a place for tape in data lifecycle management, and if so, how, where and when do we use tape?

Reports of the death of tape are greatly exaggerated. Tape is still an extremely cost effective medium for archiving, and it will continue to have an important place in a data lifecycle management strategy. There are several factors to consider in using tape.

(+44) 01782 654 710

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