Optimize your digital future with a unified asset strategy

Optimise your digital future with a unified asset strategy

Data-driven innovation propels enterprise growth, and artificial intelligence (AI) sparks innovation. But keeping up with the AI landscape is tough given the pace at which AI and related technologies are evolving across physical and digital realms.

Automate, personalise, and innovate with AI

Optimising your digital future means being ready to capitalise on the evolving and transformative power of technology to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and enhance customer services. The defining technology of our generation, artificial intelligence (AI), stands at the centre of this future. AI capabilities such as machine learning and generative AI are helping to reshape industries by automating tasks and processes, personalising user experiences, and crafting innovative solutions to longstanding challenges.

Harness AI to use all relevant, high-quality data

Today’s AI capabilities also help organisations prepare data previously trapped in physical formats—such as paper documents, tapes, and film—for use in AI applications along with data from other sources. The rich data and metadata extracted from these assets elevates the potential value of AI far beyond what is possible when analysing structured data alone, such as data stored in customer or transactional records. With richer data, you can drive AI initiatives that spark sustained innovation, competitive advantage, and enduring success.

It's time for change

Innovating in new frontiers requires a comprehensive approach to maximising the value of digital and physical assets while minimising risk:

A unified asset strategy

Mitigate AI-associated risk

Balancing AI opportunity with the risks it carries is challenging because implementing successful AI initiatives involves teams across the organisation that manage, govern, protect, and optimise physical and digital assets. These teams often exist in parallel, led by executives who are responsible for either digital or physical assets. This situation is compounded because the responsibilities and risks associated with data and physical assets used for AI span the entire lifecycle of these assets.

Teams must decide which information to digitise, enrich, and pre-process for AI use, how to protect physical and digital assets from natural and human-created threats, how to meet compliance requirements, and how to scale storage and processing capabilities while minimising their environmental footprint.

Unify your asset approach to be ready for whatever AI can do next

A unified asset strategy provides a framework for tackling all these challenges, from the moment of digital asset creation or physical asset intake through the responsible sanitation of data and end-of-life destruction or re-introduction of assets into the circular economy.

Simplify innovation with a unified asset strategy

Implementing a unified asset strategy helps you accelerate AI-driven innovation while lowering risk across the lifecycle of your digital and physical assets.

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Adopt a holistic, modern asset lifecycle approach

Shrink physical storage requirements while stimulating digital adoption, increase asset visibility and utility, and prioritise environmentally sustainable practices.

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Optimise asset protection and management

Enable security, privacy, and compliance while scaling storage and protecting assets from natural disasters, system failures, or cyber attacks.

Create new value from any relevant digital or physical asset

Transform how data is prepared, enriched, integrated, and leveraged to improve decision-making, customer experiences, and operational efficiency.

With a unified asset strategy, you can rely on services and technology to help you identify ingest, structure, catalog, and govern physical and digital assets while using metadata to automate workflows and discover and create more value in emerging AI-centric use cases. You can store physical and digital assets at scale and preserve, retire, or repurpose assets in secure, sustainable ways that advance your enterprise’s transformational journey.

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