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Discover how Iron Mountain Media & Archive Services' Automated Media Image Capture System (AMICS) revolutionizes archival digitization.

19 June 20246 mins

The challenge

Many industries struggle with the labor-intensive and error-prone process of traditional archival digitization. Sorting and managing vast collections of media assets manually can lead to inefficiencies, misidentifications, and missed opportunities for revenue.

The impact

Standard archival methods demand excessive manual effort, consuming valuable time and resources. Errors in asset identification can result in overlooked revenue opportunities, while redundant digitization efforts waste storage and operational costs. Complicated retrieval systems further hinder quick and efficient access to important assets.

What if you could...

  • Automate the image and metadata capture process to save time and reduce costs?
  • Quickly and accurately identify your most valuable assets and prioritize their digitization?
  • Enhance your archive's discoverability with a user-friendly search interface?
  • Access a visual representation of your archive that is remotely accessible and easy to navigate?
Automated Media Image Capture System (AMICS) from Iron Mountain Media & Archive Services

Iron Mountain Media & Archive Services provides the Automated Media Image Capture System (AMICS), a cutting-edge solution designed to transform the way you manage your media archives. Here's how AMICS can help:

  • High-speed image and metadata capture: Save up to 98% of labor hours with automated processes compared to manual data entry.
  • Minimize errors and maximize profits: Reduce errors in asset identification and uncover hidden revenue opportunities.
  • Avoid redundant digitization: Identify and prioritize your most valuable assets, saving time, storage costs, and resources.
  • User-friendly visual archive: Access an intuitive interface that allows quick and efficient retrieval of assets.
  • Comprehensive metadata utilization: Unlock the potential of untapped metadata within your physical assets, enabling more informed decisions and deeper insights.
  • Efficient integration of new assets: Automate the onboarding process for new acquisitions, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration into your existing archive structure.
Ready to revolutionize your archival process?

Iron Mountain Media & Archive Services is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your archival management. With AMICS, you can take control of your media assets and unlock their full potential.

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