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15 November 20166 mins
Restauration De Données- Man keeping disk | Iron Mountain

Business Challenge

Today, companies like yours are seeing a higher volume of legacy data requests. These requests consume valuable time and distract your IT staff away from their daily tasks. Perhaps you plan to satisfy requests for legacy data by keeping obsolete technology in your data center but, maintaining old backup tape systems ties up valuable space in your data center and puts a strain on your budget. In fact, the overwhelming majority of today’s average IT budgets are consumed by infrastructure maintenance leaving few resources available to spend on innovation.

What if you could...

  • Restore data without having to maintain legacy software and tape backup systems?
  • Locate and restore only the data you need at any moment?
  • Gain the confidence of your general counsel by promptly satisfying requests for specific data?

Iron Mountain Data Restoration

You have the capacity to identify, restore, and deliver the data contained on your backup media efficiently using the Iron Mountain end-to-end data restoration services. With this service, you’ll be able to:

  • Establish a process for capturing, archiving, and organizing data
  • Cost–effectively restore evidentiary data for a pending request
  • Mitigate the risk of fines, sanctions, and loss of public trust
  • Easily locate electronic records for regulatory investigations
You can be confident that each request to locate information from your backed up data will be handled with precision, professionalism, and predictability of cost. Your restoration requests will be personally managed by our professionals who follow strict protocols for collecting and transporting your media. You also receive access to reports that document the security of your data throughout the entire restoration process.

Comprehensive Data Management Services

Scan, Catalog, and Index

All your incoming media is logged into a project database to ensure the relevant physical attributes of each batch of your tapes are captured and recorded. Corrupt or degraded media are separated. To make legacy data more accessible to you, our expert team rebuilds tape catalogs and content indices. As a result, you’ll be better able to target future restorations and only recover what you need at that time.

Full and Selective Restoration and Migration

Your media can be fully restored and the information can be partially recovered. Our proprietary tools can selectively recover files and emails of only targeted custodian(s) and avoid introducing unnecessary litigation exposure to your organization. Optionally, this includes migration and storing recovered data to an easy-access format for your immediate and future needs.

Defendable Process and Reliable Results

The entire restoration process is defendable with a full chain of custody. The output data is ready for your further electronic archiving needs or your legal review processes.

Flexibility of Service Delivery

Iron Mountain Data Restoration services are available on demand or as a subscription-based assurance program. As a service subscriber, you gain access to our extensive inventory of restoration equipment and a professional team to meet your data restoration needs. You also get peace of mind that your costs will remain predictable and your response times will be consistent.

What you gain...

  • Readily identifiable information on your backup tapes
  • Full data restoration support without costly in-house staff, maintenance, or equipment requirements
  • Consistently meet deadlines for data requests and eliminate delays caused by technology incompatibilities

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