Taking stock of your data (Civil Service World webinar sponsored by Iron Mountain)

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Civil Service World (CSW) has teamed up with Iron Mountain to host a webinar offering practical, best practice advice from senior officials in government, local authorities and the NHS on improving data visibility and access in your organisation.

12 December 20231 hour 4  mins
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Civil Service World (CSW) hosted a webinar sponsored by Iron Mountain on 28 November, 2023, addressing the critical role of data in government functions. Research by Total Research, in collaboration with Iron Mountain, reveals that government departments often store information in fragmented systems, hindering access and safe data utilisation. The study highlights that a significant number of civil servants struggle with linking paper records and digital systems, posing risks of data breaches and impeding digitisation benefits. To address these challenges, this webinar offered insights on transitioning from physical to digital storage, enhancing data visibility, supporting digital transformation, overcoming barriers to going paperless, addressing issues with hybrid datasets, and strategies for evaluating, restoring, and migrating information from legacy systems.


  • Suzannah Brecknell, Co-Editor/Moderator, CSW
  • David Canning, Head of Digital Knowledge & Information Management, Cabinet Office
  • Dr John Nelstrop, Departmental Records Officer, Head of Knowledge and Information Management, HM Treasurt
  • Alice Blogg, Public Sector Strategy, Programmes & Partnerships Manager, Iron Mountain