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Leverage 70 years of information management experience

Many organisations want to store records offsite, but don’t have the resources to handle the many dimensions and complexities of a records management project. Iron Mountain can help. Working as an extension of your organisation, we can handle the end-to-end delivery of any records management project, in tune with the unique needs of your organisation and in line with best practices gathered over 70 years. The engagement can be on a one-time, periodic, or ongoing basis that allows you to stay focused on what you do best -- running your organisation.

Does your organisation need to:
  • Clean out records and other assets currently held onsite to free up space for workplace transformation projects and real estate changes?
  • Move and manage an entire file room offsite?
  • Clean and restore information assets damaged by disaster or environmental contaminants?
  • Defensibly destroy information as part of a one-time or unique business event, in compliance with industry and government regulations?

Our end-to-end services for records management projects include pack and prep services, offsite file room storage and management, inventory audits, document recovery, shred services and end-to-end management of documents, assets and more.

Once your records are securely stored offsite, you'll have on-demand access to anything your organisation needs through our intuitive, cloud-based Iron Mountain Connect™ Records Management application. With just a few clicks, you can search through your offsite inventory, locate what’s required to satisfy an internal or external request and arrange for it to be quickly scanned or delivered, digitally or physically, by one of our vetted and trained employees.


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We can pack your records into standard Iron Mountain storage cartons and collect metadata to describe box contents, with an option to index each file in the carton. This ensures records are stored according to your retention codes and records policies.

Records management services include:

  • Sorting your onsite records inventory, including organising, boxing, RFID-tagging and indexing metadata.
  • Purging, packing and providing point-to-point transfer of cartons and files from your facility to an Iron Mountain Record Center


Did you know?
Nearly two-thirds of companies (63% of survey respondents) have records they would like to store offsite but are not doing so because they don't have the resources to prepare the files and cartons.

Source: Coleman Parks Research. January 2018 survey conducted on behalf of Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain File Room Solution allows you to move your file room offsite and replicate it in a highly secure storage environment while still retaining your filing system. Files are stored on specialised racking in our secure and compliant Records Centers. We’ll replicate your processes and apply best practices for retrievals, refiles and interfiles, all performed by our highly trained staff.

Offload the management of your file rooms. Rely on Iron Mountain’s expertise, infrastructure and experienced staff.


It’s important to know what inventory you have so that you can quickly respond to discovery requests, a business or compliance event. Iron Mountain Audit Services provide dedicated space in our Records Centers for conducting audits, as well as services for inventorying cartons, preparing files and providing support for materials handling.
Iron Mountain can clean and restore information assets damaged by natural and man-made disasters, contaminants, dust, mold, water or animal infestation. Our services also restore and preserve documents damaged due to poor storage practices, records held on-site in a non-climate controlled, non-fireproof area, or documents left out or not handled appropriately over time.

Industry fact

40% of business do not reopen after a disaster and another 25% fail within a year
Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Iron Mountain Project Services can handle a variety of shred scenarios that fall outside your typical shred program frequency -- such as inventory purges, needs due to building consolidations or M&A activities, and community or work-based shredding events. These services can also include our Secure IT Asset Disposition Services (ITAD) to recycle, remarket and/or defensibly destroy retired IT assets, such as mobile devices, monitors, hard drives and other media.
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Secure Shredding

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Secure IT and e-Waste Disposition Service (ITAD)

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Workplace transformation begins with a Clean Start

Looking to control real estate costs while providing high-performance workspaces? Iron Mountain® Clean Start can help you reduce the amount of space consumed not only by physical records, but pcs, servers, artwork and other assets. Iron mountain manages the clean out process, while also providing secure services to archive, donate or defensibly destroy materials.
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Iron Mountain® Clean Start service

Reduce real estate costs and create a more productive workspace with Iron Mountain® Clean Start
Learn More About Clean Start Here

How it works

Together, we assess your specific records management project requirements and plan the project in detail.

We provide a Statement of Work of the services required to complete the project, and you evaluate it to determine the scope — a one-time service or program-based service over time.

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