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Financial service companies want to support more remote/mobile working and introduce apps enabling customers to better manage and track their accounts.

24 November 20218 mins
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As they look to support more remote workers and customers who increasingly demand banking capabilities on mobile devices, many financial services companies find they’re bogged down by workflows that overwhelmingly involve paper.

To streamline workflows and enable new employee and customer experiences, financial services companies need to digitise many documents related to current clients and active accounts, as well as implement a strategy to digitise paper-based processes going forward. Most financial services companies currently operate in a hybrid environment of paper and electronic information, requiring employees to spend precious time searching across a wide range of files in different formats, often stored across several locations.

The process of digitising, storing and making paper documents accessible needs to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and also be completely auditable — with verifiable chain of custody policies and procedures. Data privacy is also critical to ensure compliance with industry regulations, and protect information in all forms from hacks and breaches.


Iron Mountain InSight® Essential Edition is a subscription-based solution that combines scanning of physical documents and digital storage in a secure cloud repository accessible through Iron Mountain Connect, our web-based customer hub. Iron Mountain will prep, scan, and index your physical files using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, and upload them to a secure, modern cloud repository.

It allows you to:

  • Access files through a convenient web portal.
  • Easily search contents of the documents by text or index, available in PDF, TIFF and Office documents in 50+ languages.
  • Rely on role-based access that can be customised so that authorised users get full-access to search and manage content as needed, while others can be assigned view-only roles. This also allows secure, easy sharing of information and improves cross-functional collaboration.
  • Gain complete transparency of where physical and digital assets are at all times with a proven, auditable chain of custody policies and procedures.


Iron Mountain InSight Essential Edition helps you:

  • Centralise information to expedite searches, achieve greater process efficiencies and reduce costs.
  • Reduce the need for onsite storerooms and use of third-party storage facilities, while freeing up valuable office workspace to decrease additional real estate costs.
  • Provide secure, online access to critical information for employees, to support workplace transformation initiatives including work from home strategies.
  • Lay the foundation for building native mobile apps for customers to securely access account information and complete transactions on-the-go.
  • Ensure legal and industry compliance requirements, including:
    • Chain of custody that can be audited and verified down to the individual asset
    • Encryption for information both at rest and during transmission

Complementary solutions

InSight Essential Edition provides the foundation to build your organisation’s information management strategy. The technology will scale when you need to handle more physical documents, or are ready for industry-leading process efficiencies that advanced technologies can help deliver. This includes:

Image on Demand: Offers a ‘pay as you go” method for digitising and retrieving documents from an Iron Mountain Record Centre, either in their original paperbased format or in digital form.

Iron Mountain InSight: There’s a simple, clear upgrade path from InSight Essential Edition to our complete intelligent services platform, which leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to not only ingest structured and unstructured information, but ensure everything is complete and in compliance.

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