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When your information is in a safe place, so are you.

9 November 20186 mins
Don’t Just Store Your Information, Manage It - Storing information sounds easy. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

When your information is in a safe place, so are you

Storing information sounds easy. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

For example, your storage space needs to be cost-effective. Security must be of the highest level. Records need to be accessed quickly for optimum efficiency in both paper and digital formats. While compliance is a bigger issue than ever, with the Information Commissioner’s Office raising the maximum fine for breaching the Data Protection Act to £500,000.

What’s needed is records management expertise – something organisations don’t always have.

As one of the world’s leading providers of outsourced information management, Iron Mountain has the expertise to provide the services you need to maximise your data assets while improving security. Whether it’s secure storage, document scanning, fast access or scheduled destruction, we’re here at every stage.

72% The number of companies that say it’s harder to find information they own than information they don’t.

Source: The Association for Information and Image Management

Space problems? Use ours

Space is costly and can be hard to find, particularly in city centres. Why spend a large part of your budget on in-house document storage when Iron Mountain has already made the investment for you?

We have more than 100 facilities throughout the UK so there’ll always be one that’s convenient for your business

We store more than 12 million cubic metres of paperwork worldwide. That’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium more than 10 times. Yet every single box or file has been indexed, so it can be retrieved and delivered as the original paper document or scanned and sent as a digital copy.

“We already store 12 million cubic metres of paperwork.“

35% The amount of time knowledge workers can spend searching for information.

Source: IDC

Easily Accessed, yet securely stored

Although your information is stored in a high-security Iron Mountain facility, it’s easy for you to access.

Our storage facilities employ some of the industry’s most advanced protection systems, and records are transported in highly secure vehicles.

All our employees undergo full background checks and ongoing training to ensure they maintain stringent security standards and customer focus. We know we’re not just handling documents, we’re managing and protecting your vital business assets.

To request your information, all you have to do is access your account on our easy-to-use online portal or call our customer service team. Either way, you’ll have fast, reliable access to the documents you need.

“We’re not just handling documents. We’re handling vital business assets.”

43% The number of companies that never recover from catastrophic data loss.

Source: University of Texas

Stay compliant, yet cost-efficient

Management of business records is under closer scrutiny than ever.

Laws and regulations are becoming increasingly complex and the penalties for non-compliance ever higher, yet the pressure to keep costs down remains unrelenting. The problem is how do you reconcile the two?

At Iron Mountain we’re committed to helping you stay compliant yet cost-efficient. Our experienced people have understanding of the issues facing different industries, enabling us to help you maximise the potential of your information assets, reduce costs and minimise risk.

“Maximise information assets while minimising risk.”

£500,000 The maximum fine for contravening data protection legislation.

Source: Information Commissioner’s Office

Control information, and costs

According to Forrester Research, unstructured content volume is growing by over 200% per year. With so many paper documents and digital records being generated, it’s easy to spend too much on in-house storage and administration.

With Iron Mountain your information is held in our secure records centre, while ordering via our easy to- use portal gives you complete control of all your records. You’ll always know precisely where everything is, and when you need something you just order it. Simply call us or use our online portal.

Less searching means there’s more time for working.

“Less searching means there’s more time for working.”

Manage your information on paper, online, on demand

Our information management services can be easily adapted into your own unique records management programme.

From indexing your information to providing secure, accessible storage and scanning, we’ll help you develop a customised programme that fits seamlessly into your day-to-day operations and adds ongoing value.

Get organised

The first step is helping you build a unique information storage programme that works for you.

We’ll help you identify what types of records you have and how you want to use them.

We’ll help you create a schedule for when records can be destroyed, and put together a records management solution that is cost-effective and helps you address your compliance needs.

Storage to suit you

We offer a range of storage options to suit all your needs.

Closed-box storage is ideal for documents you are required to keep but don’t access on a regular basis.

Open-shelf storage comes into its own for documents that you access regularly, such as employee or medical records.

You can also opt for batch scanning – ideal when you need inexpensive and regular access to a particular catalogue of documents, or when multiple users need access to the same documents.

Retrieval whenever you need it

We offer various retrieval options.

If a document is already scanned you can access it through our easy-to-use online portal. Alternatively you can request scanning on demand and we’ll make it available the same day or the next day. Digital documents are faster to view, easier to share and reduce your carbon footprint.

Or of course, we can deliver the original documents to you via our own high security vehicles. Either way, you’ll have exactly what you need when you need it.

Seamless service and set up

Making the move to Iron Mountain is easier than you might think.

Experts will operate as partners within your organisation. We can help you define your new information management policy and support you through its implementation. This way, challenges can be easily identified and addressed.

You’ll hardly know we’re around. But you’ll certainly notice the difference afterwards.

Keep track of your information at every stage of its life

Fast, reliable access to your information is crucial. That’s why we use the most stringent operating procedures to ensure that all your records are accurately processed and can be easily traced.

From pickup to storage every item is checked, rechecked and checked again, keeping the chain of custody as secure as possible. When your item comes back to us, the whole process is repeated exactly. And securely.

Into storage

Request document storage

Get in touch via our online portal or call us and we will arrange to collect your documents. Our driver scans your boxes’ barcodes on arrival and takes an electronic signature to confirm receipt. The first stage in maintaining maximum security through constant tracking.

Documents dispatched securely

Boxes are loaded into high-security vans fitted with locking systems, driver proximity alerts, dual-key ignition and wireless communications so that orders are trackable in real time.

Documents processed and/or scanned

On arrival at our secure facility, all records are sorted, indexed and given a barcode for fast retrieval. If you need documents scanned for flexible access or digital backup, we can carry out a batch scan before storing the originals

Stored safe and sound

As your boxes are placed in our secure vaults, we scan the barcode once again to maintain the chain of custody. Meanwhile, other measures like intrusion detection alarms and fire detection and suppression systems give you peace of mind that we’re keeping things as secure as possible.

Out of storage

Tell us what you need

Simply make a request via our secure online portal or call us. Our robust process ensures we double-check the reference number on your order against the barcode on your original paper record to ensure accurate retrieval.

Have it scanned and sent

If you only need an electronic copy we’ll retrieve the paper record, scan it and make it available to you. If your document has already been scanned, you can simply view it straight away, saving you time and reducing your carbon footprint.

Or vanned and sent

Your boxes are secured with a security band, scanned a second time and loaded into a high-security vehicle. When they reach you, our driver scans them once more (maintaining the chain of custody again) and takes your electronic signature. Done!

Don’t need it ? We’ll securely shred it

Destroying the right information at the right time is not only smart, it can be a legal requirement. We will work with you to agree a destruction schedule in accordance with relevant legislation. You maintain complete control and ownership of your information. We can advise on scheduling, but the final decision remains in your hands.

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