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Connect your information in a scalable cloud repository.

27 December 20236 mins
Iron Mountain Scan and Store solution brief

Connect your information in a scalable cloud repository

Many organizations are making digital transformation a priority to take advantage of benefits such as reduced costs and improved operational resilience. When we talk to our customers, they’re often looking to downsize and/or optimize real estate space, streamline operations, and connect data to support growth, strategy, and decisions across the business.

However paper documents are still part of many business processes, creating a mixture of physical and digital information. The common challenges we hear from our customers include:

  • Struggle to quickly find what they need
  • Difficulty sharing information with remote and hybrid workforce
  • Inefficient use of employees’ time
  • Increased risks with non-compliance and fines
70% of members say that getting the right information, to the right person, at the right time is at the heart of their digital transformation challenge.
(Association of Intelligent Information Management (AIIM))

Iron Mountain InSight® is an information management and content services platform solution that provides you with a centralized view of your information, allowing secure access and retrieval for your employees in a single cloud repository for enhanced visibility and access.

  • Easily and quickly search for documents
  • Free up valuable workspace
  • Prepare for a scalable transformation future

Need help with other steps of your digital transformation journey? We have you covered.

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Identify your legacy records

We can work with you to identify how to proceed with your legacy records.
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Digitize your physical documents

We can help you prioritize and achieve your goals through a series of Backfile Conversion, Day Forward Scanning and on-demand programs.

Enable compliance

We offer compliance options including integration with Iron Mountain Policy Center, our cloud-based retention policy management platform.
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Dispose records you don’t need

We offer several disposition options for your newly digitized physical information including secure storage, sustainable shredding and/or returning physical assets to you.

Why should you choose Iron Mountain?

  • Partner with a global industry leader
  • Consolidate vendors across your organization’s digital transformation journey
  • Harmonize your cloud strategy through our cloud partnerships
  • Receive an auditable chain of custody across physical & digital documents