5 ways your small business can save money with ITAD

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Going beyond the security and compliance benefits, let's take a look at five ways effective ITAD can help your business manage costs.

8 December 20237 min
Save money with ITAD

Your company’s old tech equipment might be costing you.

What happens to your business’s IT assets when they’re no longer needed?

Laptops, phones, hard drives, tablets, and servers are a critical part of the larger ecosystem of information storage your business uses (and disposes of) on a regular basis. A critical component of information lifecycle management is handling tech equipment at the end of its life, known as IT asset disposition (ITAD). If done right, secure ITAD is a powerful program that can save your business thousands of dollars each year.

Going beyond the security and compliance benefits, let’s take a look at five ways effective ITAD can help your business manage costs.

1. Remarket assets

Remarketing is the reselling of IT office equipment, which allows your company to recoup a portion of the original cost of the assets and help offset the total cost of ownership. Remarketing can help your small business further its sustainability efforts, making it a win-win for both the business and the planet.

2. Outsource

Small businesses have enough on their plates without having to commit internal energy and resources to ITAD. Outsourcing can help avoid costs associated with hiring and training IT staff, purchasing and maintaining equipment, and managing other overhead expenses. Most importantly, outsourcing helps you focus on growing your business while an experienced partner manages a consistent approach for your office equipment.

3. Stay compliant to avoid fines

Many industries have strict regulations around equipment disposal and the protection of consumer, client, or patient data. And yes, there are costly fines for non-compliance. Properly managing sensitive data throughout its lifecycle is not only important for your bank account but for maintaining your customers’ trust. ITAD best practices—done in-house or through a reliable vendor—can reduce your risk of fines and help you keep and gain new business well into the future.

4. Repurpose old equipment

Just because a laptop cycles out of use doesn’t mean it should be discarded. In most cases, if you don’t want to remarket the computer, you can repurpose and use it for a new hire or seasonal intern. Sure, the hardware may need to be upgraded to support the new use, but extending the life of the computer maximises its value, avoids the cost of buying new, and keeps your company from contributing to unnecessary e-waste.

5. Declutter your space

Removing unused IT equipment such as laptops, desktops, printers, and other electronic devices can free up valuable space, helping maximise your square footage and accommodating today’s slimmed-down offices. In a hybrid work world, there’s no room for wasted space overspilling with old electronics.

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As your business has grown, so has your need for secure ITAD. Taking small steps to implement an ITAD strategy will positively impact your company’s bottom line and serve your business for years to come.

Finding a trusted partner on your journey can help you make the right decisions for your small business. Visit Iron Mountain’s Small Business Basecamp as your starting point for cost-saving ITAD support.