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You are likely all too familiar with the challenges that working with paper based information presents to the efficiency of your employees and to the information security, privacy and compliance requirements of your organisation.

8 March 20236 min
Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom Service

Transform your digital mailroom


Surely you are all too familiar with the challenges of working with paper-based information. The information security, privacy, and compliance requirements of your organisation, as well as employee efficiency, are affected by these challenges.

Leaders like you have been trying to remove, or at least reduce, paper-based information from business processes for quite a while. But it’s impossible to remove paper from your workplace when paper-based mail keeps coming and your employees struggle constantly to manage large volumes of inbound paper mail. Access to paper-based mail is an even bigger challenge for remote employees who need secure access to their mail anytime, anywhere.


The Iron Mountain® Digital Mailroom solution is a purpose-built software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that allows you to eliminate paper at your “front door.” After rerouting your mail, Iron Mountain scans, indexes, and ensures quality control to meet your document conversion requirements.

By leveraging optical character recognition (OCR) technology, you can search the contents of your documents by text or index. OCR is available for your PDF, TIFF, Office documents, and logos in 50-plus languages. Once your mail is digitised, you can securely store, search, and access it in a secure information management and content services platform.

How does it work?

Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom Service - How it Works

What you gain

  • AUTOMATED COLLECTION AND EXTRACTION of key metadata drives business decisions and streamlines workflow.
  • YOU CAN EASILY AND QUICKLY SEARCH your mail from one central, secure location.
  • THE TIME AND EFFORT spent searching for what you need is considerably reduced.
  • PREDICTABLE COSTS can be managed through a subscription.