From today to future-ready: How to progress on your Digital Transformation journey


Our step-by-step guide provides everything you need to know about digital business transformation.

19 June 202312 min
From Today To Future-Ready: How To Progress On Your Digital Transformation Journey

From Today To Future-Ready: How To Progress On Your Digital Transformation Journey is your guide to building a successful digital transformation strategy ensuring your business can thrive today and into the future.

Let’s be honest: most organisations still have some distance to go on their digital transformation journey. “Business as usual” can be a significant roadblock to your success in the evaluation and reconfiguration of everyday business processes.

However, 90% of organisations have accelerated the use of new technologies and cloud services storage, recognising the efficiency-enhancing benefits of a digital architecture.

Without a digital transformation strategy in place that uses technology to improve processes, resiliency and performance, businesses risk being left behind.

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What’s inside?

Five steps to transforming your business

Accelerate digital transformation from start to finish through Iron Mountain’s five-step digital transformation journey.

The compromising reality of a hybrid workflow

What’s needed is a consistent, comprehensive, and strategic approach to bridge the paper-to-digital divide – allowing your organisation to digitise and digitally store only what’s needed, securely access and leverage information from anywhere, and gain transparency into both digital and physical assets in order to meet your organisational objectives.

Iron Mountain offers bespoke digital solutions

Iron Mountain is an industry leader in helping organisations bridge the gap between physical and digital information. We help automate your document-centric processes and put your data to work so you can make informed business decisions. Whether digitising physical documents or centralising already digitised content and rich media, we bring it all together for you.

Iron Mountain enables organisations to securely and cost-effectively clean up, digitise and store records, automate workflows for document-centric processes and unlock value from data to accelerate digital transformation.

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we can help.

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