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Iron Cloud Data Management

Iron Cloud Ransomware Recovery

Cost-effective, long-term storage for archival data with built-in safeguards for ransomware recovery

Introducing Iron Cloud Secure Offline Storage solution

Finally. A Multi-Tier Cloud Solution That Reduces TCO from the Start.

Now, more than ever, you’re dealing with growing amounts of data in your organisation, much of which must be retained for longer periods of time, due to new and evolving data regulations. Chances are you have a multi-tier storage solution in place to help structure that data and manage compliance mandates.

But have you:

  • Examined the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your long-term storage costs?
  • Felt extremely confident about data protection capabilities?
  • Considered the cost of egress fees to move or access that information, over several years?
Iron Cloud Secure Offline Storage (SOS) is an ultra-low cost, fully managed solution for archival cloud data. It keeps data offline and offsite in a climate-controlled vault for improved protection and security.
It’s that easy.

Plus, with our Vault Lock option, you can also put in place multi-factor authentication for retrieval of offsite data for ultimate protection from ransomware threats.

With Iron Cloud SOS you can:

Why Iron Cloud for Cyber Resilience

Iron Cloud managed services includes immutable, air-gapped, decentralized, accessible and survivable features.
Sleep better at night

Enhanced security

Get an air-gapped solution that keeps your data isolated and protected from potential cyber attacks, or unauthorized online access.
Banish all egress fees

Confident recovery

Inspect your data and recover it quickly using a golden copy, and only individuals with the proper credentials can access your information.
Orchestrate multi-tier data management

Managed solutions

Our experts help you customize a cyber resilience program with the managed services you need based on your unique requirements.
Save on your IT budget

Save on your IT budget

Retire on-site long-term storage hardware from your cost centre.

Iron Cloud SOS: how it works 

Iron Cloud SOS solution enables ultra-low-cost storage as a service for infrequently accessed cloud data and long-term retention. Data is securely migrated from your cloud to our Iron Cloud and then downloaded and stored on cost-effective, air-gapped tape media, where it’s kept offline in a climate-controlled vault for safekeeping.

Long-term Cloud Data Storage with lower costs and less complexity
Compliant cold storage with Iron Cloud SOS

Iron Cloud SOS with Vault Lock

Rigorous data protection policies? Need added security?

Simply add multi-factor authentication with our Vault Lock option to prevent unauthorided access to offline data, even if credentials for your backup application have been compromised. 

Data recall with Vault Lock option

Watch this video to learn more about the Iron Cloud SOS solution

ESG video: a data protection conversation with ESG 

Learn how to defeat ransomware attacks without breaking the budget.

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IDG webcast: cold storage solutions for long-term data retention 

Learn how cold storage can protect against ransomware and solve long-term compliance needs. 

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