Secure Tape Transportation and Management

Peace of mind knowing your media is protected at all times throughout transport and delivery.
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Secure Tape Transportation and Management

Peace of mind knowing your media is protected at all times throughout transport and delivery.
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Secure Tape Transportation and Management

Reliably track the progress of your backup media along every step of the transportation route

Many of the risks of data loss and theft associated with confidential information are at their highest during transport, especially with unencrypted data. Choosing Iron Mountain for secure, data transportation is one way to help minimise those risks for your most critical data.

Iron Mountain InControl® solution installed in dedicated vehicles securely transports your business information and delivers patented security, tracking and auditable chain of custody.

Here's how it works:
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The solution includes:

BackupCare for Tape Vaulting

Reduce the burden on your IT Staff to manage backup processes at remote data centres

Whether your current data centre is situated at a remote, unstaffed location, or if you happen to “stand up” your data centre in a third-party colocation facility, you already know – all too well – how remote sites or isolated servers add a layer of complexity to staffing, training and internal processes for your organisation.

Take the burden off your IT staff from managing a remote data centre facility by letting Iron Mountains knowledgeable specialists handle the backup and data protection process.

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Free your IT staff from managing data backup and vaulting from afar
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Eliminate the need for onsite personnel to perform backup tasks
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Protect your data via a documented chain of custody to ensure its security and accountability
Iron Mountain® BackupCare is a value-added service within the Iron Mountain Data Backup and Recovery suite of solutions. As an Iron Mountain offsite tape vaulting customer, BackupCare will help you achieve immediate process efficiencies by enabling your IT staff to focus on higher priority initiatives

MediaCare for Tape Vaulting

Ensure your backup media — especially from remote office locations — reaches its storage destination safe and secure

You’ve invested significantly in backing up your data and you want to make sure it is protected at all times. In some cases you may move your backup data to another region of the country; perhaps your data centre is in an area that is prone to natural disasters or is in a remote location.

Even when transporting your media via a third-party, you can take comfort in knowing that Iron Mountain will care for as if it were our own. Protect your sensitive data with MediaCare™… because it matters.

  • Help remote offices adhere to your data backup and recovery program
  • Achieve a unified view of your backup media regardless of how it’s transported to the Iron Mountain vault
  • Accelerate response times to audit, legal discovery and disaster recovery events
Whenever you are faced with a situation requiring third-party transportation services to bring your backup data to Iron Mountain, our MediaCare service is there. It provides peace of mind that once your media arrives at our vault, the data is immediately received and processed according to the same highest security measures and best practices that apply to every tape and electronic record delivered via an Iron Mountain vehicle.

Tape Vaulting Library Moves

Tape library relocation: Addresses the chain of custody concerns and meet target dates for the move

  • Follow a comprehensive media relocation plan and meet your target date for completing the tape move
  • Trust a relocation plan because it mitigates risk by fully addressing chain of custody concerns
  • Gain full traceability and environmental control during backup tape transport — whether it’s from point to point, around the globe, or across town
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Leverage best practices and expertise to ensure your library move goes smoothly

After managing thousands of tape library relocations, Iron Mountain’s experts have developed best practices to ensure the safety of your media.

From assessing objectives and scheduling key project milestones to packing and securely transporting your tapes, your tape library will be safeguarded from point of pickup to final destination.

Your entire move will be transparent to you, so you can find what you need when you need it. Plus you’ll gain access to SecureSync®, Iron Mountain’s web-based media tracking software so you’ll know where your backup media is at all times.

Secure Dedicated Transportation Tape Vaulting

Extending Security and Best Practices To Remote Areas

Protecting your company’s backup data is a vital part of protecting your brand, reputation, compliance status and even the health of your business. With our Dedicated Transportation service you can be confident that your backup media is transported securely between your facilities and our offsite storage vaults. Iron Mountain Dedicated Transportation service:

  • Securely transports your media in a dedicated vehicle equipped with Iron Mountain InControl® solution that delivers patented security, tracking, and auditable chain of custody.
  • Uses drivers who are thoroughly vetted, with the option of assigning a second, highly-trained Iron Mountain employee to stay with your media at all times.
  • Offers special add-on options, such as air transport, Disaster Recovery Test programs, and “one-time-only” tape library moves.

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