Iron Mountain's InSight Content Management

Electronic Document Management & Workflow Automation System
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Iron Mountain's InSight Content Management

Electronic Document Management & Workflow Automation System
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Transform Paper-based Processes To Digital

When you still have paper and manual steps in your organizational processes, much of your employees’ time is wasted on tactical and administrative tasks. Streamline your processes while freeing up time to spend on more strategic activities with Iron Mountain's InSight Content Management.

Iron Mountain's InSight Content Management is an enterprise content management platform delivering comprehensive solutions for the full information management lifecycle, from managing the creation, capture, indexing, storage, retrieval to disposition of records and information assets as well as the automation and enhancement of any paper or manual driven process.


InSight Content Management’s modular architecture and user-friendly tools help you accelerate processes by uncovering bottlenecks and increasing efficiency. With InSight Content Management, business processes are enhanced and delays or errors are detected instantly.

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Enable your organization to streamline business processes, improve productivity, and shorten tasks’ cycles.

Through a combination of Iron Mountain’s document scanning expertise, infrastructure, and a modern, secure cloud storage repository, we help you find what you need when you need it most.

Form Designer supports text fields of varying data types, list boxes, radio boxes, labels, approval controls, grid/table and other several controls.

enVision Agent
Includes plugins for Office and Windows explorer to support the import of created files into enVision and notifies users of newly assigned tasks.

enVision Printer
enVision Printer is a virtual printer added to the operating system. Once a document is sent to that printer, the output is converted to PDF and added to enVision.

Mobile Application
iOS & Android native applications and compatible with any mobile web-browser with full features access.

enVision Email Agent
Listens to one or more corporate email addresses and when a new message is received, it adds the message to enVision and triggers a workflow if configured.

enVision Fax Agent
Detects incoming fax messages, adds them to enVision and triggers a workflow if configured.

enVision Folder Agent
Classifies documents directly from your desktop into predefined folders.

enVision Active Directory Connector
Enables customers to integrate enVision with their active directory to support single sign-on.

Envision technical


InSight Content Management keeps documents in a repository or database in a 128 bit encrypted format. It supports both vertical and horizontal authorizations. The keys for the encryption algorithm can be defined by the client during the installation of the system. Clients can also implement and use their own encryption algorithms by creating a DLL and registering it to the system. InSight Content Management also provides powerful tracking and audit trail features including all user activities, document history, workflow execution and lifecycles.

Envision platform


InSight Content Management is both available on cloud and on premise with a mobile interface. With its 100% web-based structure, you can access the system simply with internet connection. It also integrates with SAP and many other ERP systems, online data providers, Active Directory, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and more.

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