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Automate and transform paper-based processes into an integrated digital environment

January 23, 20246 mins
Iron Mountain InSight Content Management

Automate and transform paper-based processes into an integrated digital environment

A comprehensive suite of information management capabilities

  • Document management
  • Record management
  • eForms design & processing
  • Workflow management & automation
  • Integration
  • User add-ons

The InSight Content Management delivers a modular approach to information management.

Document management: InSight Content Management delivers powerful tools to ingest, store and manage documents, regardless of their origin or form factor. With support for major scanning platforms, documents can be brought into the system where they can be categorized and easily managed.

Data from these documents can be extracted with the help of Intelligent Document Processing integration and capture technologies, enabling businesses to drive more efficient workflows.

Record management: Records, the historical files, which represent data around people or events, are also critical pieces of information that businesses need to manage. They help connect documents with the associated people, places and things.

Through eForms design and processing, electronic forms can be defined and implemented, bringing a human element to the workflow, capturing the critical information that needs to be retained.

Through Workflow management and automation, organizations can bring the use of documents directly into the workflow and establish rules to automate the handling of both documents and information driving greater productivity, while still maintaining access control over information.

With Integration into leading enterprise information systems, InSight Content Management makes it easy to deliver rich information within security and authentication protocols across multiple systems.

While the system provides significant control for administrators, the availability of User add-ons enables users to hone their workflows into a more streamlined and productive workday.

Together, these modules provide a comprehensive solution for the full information lifecycle. InSight Content Management is one of the only content service platforms that spans creation, capture, indexing, storage, retrieval, to disposition of records and information assets, as well as the automation and enhancement of any paper driven process for hundreds of clients across different industries and sectors.


  • Supported environments: Public cloud support through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or on-premises private cloud.
  • Supported clients: Browser-based access via all modern browser releases. Mobile app support for iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices.
  • Supported file types: Native support for over 300 document types including all Microsoft Office formats (doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx, pptx), PDF, and major image formats (jpg, tiff, bmp, gif, png, etc.).
  • Security: 256-bit encryption at the file and repository level. Out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP for user single-sign-on authentication, SMS Providers, and Blockchain for document authenticity (OTP Integration in authentication), and Microsoft Azure ADFS Authentication.
  • Signature support: Support for leading electronic document authentication including DocuSign and SafeLayer eSignature, as well as workflow support for wet signatures.
  • Messaging support: Messaging, sharing, and notification support through e-mail, SMS, fax, and within the InSight platform.
  • Language support: Application interface and menu support for over 100 native languages.
  • OCR and ICR language support: Optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) support for over 30 languages.
  • Capture and scanning: Out-of-the-box integration for web-based scanning (Twain and ISIS connectors), or through Abbyy (Fine Reader OCR, FlexiCapture), Kofax Capture applications, Kodak Capture applications, and Plustek scanner applications.
  • ERP systems: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration is available for global providers like SAP, SAP-FI, JDE, Oracle, and IFS systems as well as local ERP providers such as Logo, and Netsis.
  • HR systems: Integration with human resources management systems (HRMS) like SAP-HR or JDE systems helps to provides organizational hierarchy and user data sync, including web service calls within the processes.
  • HIS, SIS, & GIS systems: Healthcare information systems (HIS) like Insta-HIS, SIS, and GIS systems integrations are available for patient and student records discovery and retrieval, as well as geographical municipality maps documentation.
  • Web API support: Support for SOAP, REST, and other leading web interfaces.

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