Demystifying digital transformation: identifying opportunity


Learn more about the first step on your digital transformation journey: identify

July 27, 202212 mins
Demystifying Digital Transformation – Identifying Opportunity

Today, digital transformation is not just a strategic nice-to-have, it's a real-world requirement for companies to continue to compete. There are 5 steps to digital transformation: identify, digitize, store, automate and unlock. In this article we will be focusing on the first element: "identify" and why this stage is such a powerful first step to digital transformation.

We are rethinking the way we do business because we have to. Today, digital transformation is not just a strategic nice-to-have, it’s a realworld requirement for companies to continue to compete. Organizations that continue to operate with old ways of working will be rendered noncompetitive while those organizations that truly embrace digital transformation will be the winners. Achieving genuine digital transformation is a top priority for all organizations as a result.

We face both a daunting challenge and an incredible opportunity. Now more than ever, organizations need to embrace disruption as a springboard for competitive advantage and adopt new ways of working that invigorate organizational performance. But making the transition isn’t just about the technology involved; success requires the ability to effectively manage the transition itself.

That was the subject of a recent interview on AIIMOn Air with Cliff Madru, Vice President of Global Solutions for Iron Mountain. We examined a new five-phase digital transformation model from Iron Mountain that is designed to help us step through the best practices toward success. The steps are: Identify, Scan, Store, Automate, and Unlock, and in our discussion, Cliff reviewed how to use the model effectively and ensure that our strategies and solutions make a difference.

Learn more about steps 2 and 3, "digitize" and "store."

Learn more about steps 4 and 5, "automate" and "unlock."

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