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Domino, a London-based music label, partnered with Iron Mountain Media & Archive Services to revolutionise their archive management, enabling remote access and streamlined organisation for their extensive catalogue of artists and content.

24 April 20248 mins
Domino Recording Company

Domino is a UK label, based in London, offering a wide array of music and content. It’s also one of the longest running independents, celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023. The label has been home to myriad of artists during that time, including Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, The Kills, Wet Leg, Animal Collective, and Jon Hopkins, to name a few. 

“The Iron Mountain Media and Archive Services Smart Vault system has enabled us to greatly enhance the accessibility and functionality of our physical asset archive, allowing us to choose how and when to manage catalogues in the future. This, combined with their excellent on site studio means that copies/files can be extracted, and transmitted easily. The development process was smooth and interactive and we have been impressed with the service portfolio.”
-Paul Briggs, Global Head of Production, Domino Recording Company


The onset of the global pandemic, and a range of new catalogue acquisitions prompted Domino to approach Iron Mountain Media & Archive Services, to expand the scope and functionality of their archiving management.


Iron Mountain Media & Archive Services created a customised solution to give the Domino team remote access to their archive on a fully searchable database. Each asset was barcoded and photographed, and where applicable transferred to new containment (where original cartons had deteriorated over time). This digital data now sits on Iron Mountain Media & Archive Services’ digital content repository called, “Smart Vault,” which is secure and web-based platform that allows remote access to the media asset inventory, along with customised metadata.

Client Value

The Domino team can now log in remotely, view their assets from their desks, and most importantly, add additional metadata. Iron Mountain Media & Archive Services custom field structure allows Domino to input, review, organise, group and make decisions about their assets, such as returning or destroying duplicate items, and even ask questions or comment in the fields. The inventory management solution has lowered costs for Domino; reduced travel since they don’t need to handle the assets in person; provided remote access to all that need it; and saved time that otherwise would have been spent filling out spreadsheets with new metadata.

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