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Financial Services Credit Union Serves Members Better, Faster

4 April 20188 mins
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Credit union serves members better, faster

Converting paper-heavy processes into streamlined digital workflows is helping the institution make new time and money savings.


Financial Services


Reduce burden of reporting and manual, paper-based processes


Workflow Automation


Higher productivity with faster access to information
Increased member and employee satisfaction
Department-wide adoption, multiplying return on investment

Held Back By Manual, Paper-Based Processes

Operating as a credit union, this full-service financial institution offers a wide variety of products and services to members, from free banking and home loans to online and mobile access.

The organisation was awash with paper. From massive vaults to crowded storage rooms and packed filing cabinets, employees battled boxes and folders full of documents. As a result, processes slowed — impacting lending, member service, HR and other departments.

Finding a single document could take days. This not only impacted member service, but also dragged down productivity and put the institution at risk. As well as making reports easier to process, the new system needed to tie departments together and improve member service.

Foundation For Digital Transformation

Content-centric workflows are a cornerstone of digital transformation. To help accelerate this transition the institution chose Workflow Automation.

The result is less administrative tedium and more productive operations.

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