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Professional Services Transforming Contractor Onboarding

1 June 20197 mins
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Make HR processes more cost effective and compliant


Workflow Automation


  • Simple, fast deployment for the IT team
  • Substantial time and cost saving to the business
  • More engaging, satisfying experience for end users


Struggling to Match Business Growth

As a leading staffing firm with clients around the globe, this professional services group was rapidly expanding. This put its processes under increasing strain when it came to signing-up new talent.

Attracting the best contractors demanded a modern and efficient onboarding experience. That meant moving away from resource-hungry, paper-based processes and offering a streamlined, digital pathway with a clear audit trail that fully satisfied compliance.

Easy To Adopt And Launch

Now, with Workflow Automation, the firm manages HR records and key content on one platform. The system was easily adapted to create a new case management solution for contractor onboarding.

Three IT staff built a fully-functioning application in record time. Point-and-click functionality proved invaluable, removing the need for custom coding, along with inbuilt features like automatic email notification and referencing for instant document retrieval.

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