Affordable, secure, multi-tiered data storage – The smart way to manage your data


Tier your data storage with Iron Mountain. We’re the only vendor that can help you manage your data throughout its entire lifecycle – active and inactive, online and offline.

11 November 20204 mins
Affordable, secure, multi-tiered data storage- A woman looking at affordable options

We all know if expenses were no object most companies would use SSDs for all their storage requirements. Unfortunately no IT budget, if any, could justify the price tag.

That’s why most companies leverage a tiered storage approach.

But then there is the issue of manually trying to tier the data to the most cost-effective, secure storage option not to mention creating a “hacker-proof” environment. A time-consuming and cumbersome approach that just isn’t feasible.

We designed Iron Mountain’s Multi-tiered Data Storage program to address these issues and much more.

Affordable, Secure, Multi-Tiered Data Storage – The Smart Way To Manage Your Data