Document scanning and digital storage services at our Centre of Excellence

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Unlock seamless efficiency with our top-tier document scanning and digital storage services, housed at our Centre of Excellence in Magna Park North, Lutterworth.

18 March 20246 mins
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Through a combination of Iron Mountain’s document scanning expertise, infrastructure, and a modern, secure cloud storage repository, we help you find what you need when you need it most. We can help you prioritise and achieve your goals through a series of Backfile Conversion and Day Forward Scanning programmes. You can even have your inbound physical mail redirected to our secure facilities, and our team of experts will receive, open and scan your mail.

Iron Mountain is trusted by over 225,000 companies worldwide to manage the entire information lifecycle for both physical and digital information. With a fully accredited scanning facility, your information will be available centrally with easy access via advanced interfaces, freeing up valuable workspace and making handling of your information and its usage much easier.

Trusted by over 225,000 companies worldwide

Security Measures

  • Comprehensive security planning
  • Alarmed entry system with 24/7 monitoring
  • CCTV system
  • Secure site with sprinklers and extinguishers
  • Enterprise access control system with centralised management
  • Monthly audits of the PAC system and removal of leavers
  • Vetted and trained employees
  • No personal phones allowed in SISP (Sensitive Information Secure Processing Area)
UK doc scanning process

Receiving your inventory at our scanning centres

The process used to receive boxes into a scanning centre involves various delivery methods:

  • Boxes dropped off by the Record Centre after being received from another market.
  • Boxes dropped off by the Record Centre after being pulled from local shelving or picked up on a local route.
  • Customers (or third-party proxies) drop off their boxes at the scanning centre.
  • Transportation drops off boxes at the scanning centre

Document preparation

Preparation (Prep) occurs after inbound processes and prior to scanning. This critical phase directly impacts scanning throughput and the final product’s quality. Document preparation includes:

  • Logging tracked mail
  • Insertion of applicable file/document separators
  • Removal of all fasteners and bindings
  • Flattening bent corners
  • Photocopying
  • Document orientation
  • Insertion of applicable target sheets
  • Minor repairs
  • Repositioning of smaller documents
  • Tearing tri-folds, managing undeliverable mail, verifying & returning cherished documents, managing cash & cheques etc

Document scanning

Employees use production-grade high-volume scanners to create quality digital images of customers’ physical documents at a high speed. These individuals, known as Scan Operators, operate scanners using Kofax Capture software to meet customer specifications.

Quality Assurance

Multiple quality control (QC) steps occur throughout the imaging production process, including Prep QC, Scan QC, Image and Document QC, and Index QC. The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) defines the Image and Document QC process, reflecting customer requirements outlined in the relevant Statement of Work (SoW). Image and Document QC ensure that scanned documents meet required quality standards, with corrective action taken for any errors. Standard levels of QC require us to sample a statistically valid number of images in line with the ANSI standard.

Indexing and Verification

Indexing Validation validates key information related to a customer’s electronic documents within the index fields in Kofax’s Validation Module. Index fields can be populated automatically or manually based on customer-defined criteria.

The customer can search and find electronic documents quickly using the released index information. For example, if Iron Mountain is imaging patients’ medical records, each patient’s file is indexed with information like account number, patient name, and date of birth. During the verification phase, the Imaging Production Specialist ensures this information is accurately captured. Customers may choose to have Iron Mountain verify index fields precisely, comparing Validation and Verification in Kofax’s Verification Module.

File Transfer

All customer data can either be released to secure folders on the central data centre using SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) with permission-based access or into the Iron Mountain content services platform Insight.


  • BS10008:2020 Electronic Information Storage
  • ISO27001 Information Security Management System