How Iron Mountain InSight Intelligent Document Processing uses artificial intelligence to streamline records and information management

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For records and information management (RIM) professionals, artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like just another technology fad. But the truth is, AI is here to stay, and it’s revolutionising how people work across a wide range of industries and job descriptions.

29 April 20246 mins
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For records and information management (RIM) professionals, artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like just another technology fad. But the truth is, AI is here to stay, and it’s revolutionising how people work across a wide range of industries and job descriptions. In fact, the AI features of our Iron Mountain® InSight® Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform are a natural evolution of the RIM technologies you’re already using. By incorporating AI, InSight IDP can help you work smarter and faster to make your work more impactful and your life easier.

AI makes information more accessible, understandable, and searchable

Transform structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data into usable information

Today’s RIM professionals are responsible for a sizable number of physical and digital documents, distributed across multiple departmental silos, making information difficult to find. Analysts estimate at least 80% of corporate data is unknown and untapped,1 and 76% of organisations say data silos are a significant roadblock to collaboration.2 Digitising paper documents makes information more visible, but manual scanning and data extraction are labor-intensive and costly.

Iron Mountain can help you cut costs and digitise more information with fewer sacrifices. Intelligent digitalisation starts with determining which records to keep and what to dispose of using an enforceable records retention schedule. This allows you to digitise without scanning every archived document and all new incoming information.

Next, InSight IDP uses advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert multiple document types into machine-readable formats. It then uses AI to extract, classify, enrich, and unite physical and digital information from multiple sources, quickly turning paper documents into valuable digital information.

Connecting IDP with the InSight Digital Experience Platform (DXP), or working with Iron Mountain’s professional services team, gives you the ability to integrate the extracted and validated data into existing business systems or workflows, making it available to be searched, queried, and used to uncover valuable insights. This integration enables you to access data across multiple formats and systems, with InSight software providing a centralised view from a single, secure cloud repository. All of this is more than 50% faster and more accurate than traditional scanning and OCR solutions, at a 30% cost savings.3

Leverage AI to automate and increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy

Automate workflows to improve customer experience

Manual, document-centric processes create bottlenecks and delays. As a result, information becomes more difficult to locate and accuracy is called into question.

InSight workflow automation combines business process management with intelligent document processing tools to help users get the information they need in a fraction of the time it would take with manual document management. In fact, surveys show that 90% of workers say automation solutions increase their productivity.4

But while it’s clear AI can help streamline document processing workflows, it’s those with domain expertise who can clearly see the path to greater efficiency. That’s why InSight IDP is designed as a low-code platform. It provides an AI model library, tools for data labeling and training, monitoring, and exception handling. Without entering a single line of code, domain experts can apply business rules via pre-built templates, create custom automated document processing workflows, or partner with Iron Mountain’s skilled professional services team for custom solutions.

Without the need for complex coding or specialised developers and engineers, InSight IDP boosts efficiency for both technical and not-so-technical users. Once implemented, the system can pivot quickly to meet changing business needs. Plus, it’s easy to create automated workflows to apply industry-standard policies for governance and retention to reduce the time, effort, and cost of compliance while reducing the chance for errors.

Iron Mountain: Innovation with the future in mind

For 70 years, we’ve stood proudly alongside our customers. We’ve continuously updated our offerings, pursuing research, recommendations, and thought leadership at the intersection of innovation and emerging technologies. Today, our digital solutions leverage advanced AI capabilities to help you successfully transition to a more digital environment. Our continuing innovation helps you protect, transform, and unlock the value of information, taking advantage of rich, unstructured data that has long been trapped in paper documents. These future-thinking advancements are revolutionising the way organisations extract, analyse, store, and utilise data, providing unprecedented opportunities now and well into the future.

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