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Have boxes that are missing record codes? Smart Assign automatically assigns record codes according to your organization’s retention policies.

2 August 20238 mins
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Automatically assign record codes according to your organization’s retention schedule

Business challenge

Easily identifying and taking defensible action on your records requires an accurate inventory, including box-level record codes that are aligned with your organization’s retention policies. When records are stored in boxes with identifiable descriptions but without unique record codes, it is difficult to initiate legal holds, respond to audits, and make defensible decisions about what to retain, digitize, or destroy.

How this affects you

Failure to assign record codes according to your retention policies means you’re likely over-retaining records. This not only invites unnecessary costs and risks, but it also limits your ability to respond quickly to compliance obligations or easily navigate mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Do you...

  • have volumes of inherited records?
  • have records stored for 10 years or more?
  • store records without record codes?
  • struggle to assign retention dates to boxes without record codes?
  • lack the staff, expertise, and budget to manually review your inventory?
  • lack a standardized and defensible approach to applying record codes?
  • struggle to make defensible decisions about retaining, digitizing, or destroying records?
  • want to go paper-lite or paper-free?

Assign record codes at scale

Iron Mountain Smart Assign is a technology-enabled solution that streamlines the process of assigning record codes at the box level. By assigning record codes that are aligned with your organization’s records retention schedule, Smart Assign provides you with the visibility and confidence you need to make informed, defensible decisions on what to retain, destroy, or digitize.

How Smart Assign works

How Smart Assign Works

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