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29 April 20246 mins
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Managing information across silos of digital and paper-based content leads to inefficiencies and blind spots that stand in the way of digital transformation and make it difficult to meet compliance and sustainability demands.


Digital transformation continues to be the top priority for enterprises worldwide, exceeding even cybersecurity.1 Many organizations want to use artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to improve decision making, however, 82% say a lack of quality data is a challenge.1

The average organization pulls data from 400 sources, and over a third of them have to hand code data to move it between systems.2 And that’s just the digital information. Paperbased information is hard to find and can’t be easily accessed or shared, impacting productivity.

Emerging environmental standards add to an already complex regulatory landscape, but silos of paper and digital information stand in the way of transparency and auditability.

Because labor adds up to 94% of compliance costs,3 manually intensive paper document management can significantly increase the cost of compliance.

Industry fact

82% of organizations don’t have enough quality data to support data-driven decision making.


What if you could

Automate your information workflow using a scalable enterprise content management system to overcome these challenges by:

  • Making information available, searchable and usable in a unified, digital format
  • Breaking down information silos to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Freeing information from paper to advance sustainability and cut the costs of compliance. 

Iron Mountain InSight® Content Management

With Iron Mountain InSight Content Management, you can manage the creation, capture, indexing, storage, and retrieval to disposition of records and information assets, as well as automate paper or manual driven process — from correspondence management to streamlined human resources documentation, contract or invoice processing. The results transform your business, helping you:

  • Improve insights: Digitize, extract, classify, and verify information with speed and accuracy, quickly turning documents into searchable, usable information
  • Increase efficiency: Standardizing, digitizing, and automating processes boosts productivity and reduces the cost of manual content management.
  • Streamline compliance and operate more sustainably: Reduce paper and its impact on the planet while using advanced security, auditing, tracking, and reporting capabilities to streamline compliance.

Digitize and transform

Contact Iron Mountain to learn more about how an enterprise content management system can help you further your digital transformation, business, and sustainability goals.

"It is the most comprehensive and ideal solution for eliminating manual operations and document signing processes, digitizing our business hours"

Ersan Rasim Hoşrik
KKB’s Director of the Legal Compliance, Legal and Operations Division