How can healthcare best use past, present and future information to support transformation?

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23 February 20241 mins
Has healthcare reached the tipping point of data growth and cybersecurity - A doctor working on a computer

The NHS possesses a wealth of information, yet the recurring reality is a lack of meaningful insights. In certain trusts, physical notes persist, occupying precious space, while extracting and analysing the intelligence within them proves challenging. Even with the implementation of electronic patient records systems, there remains the open question of how best to use previous information, and how to adapt as software systems progress and the NHS undergoes structural changes.

Further complexities arise, encompassing worries about information governance, patient trust, and the imperative to safeguard information. Additionally, there is a pressing need to foster an understanding of effective information utilisation across all constituent organisations within newly statutory integrated care systems.

To consider these issues we recently partnered with Health Service Journal (HSJ) to hold a roundtable discussion. Panellists from a range of backgrounds came together to explore the crucial question of how healthcare can best use past, present and future information to support transformation.

We're thrilled to share key takeaways in this video and encourage you to dive further into the discussion by reading the full report.