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Iron Mountain InSight Solution Designer

Design, build, and deploy comprehensive, secure, compliant information management solutions

Quickly implement solutions

For partners and systems integrators who need to solve customers’ content management and workflow automation challenges, Iron Mountain InSight® Solution Designer allows you to quickly design, build, and publish custom solutions for your customers’ unique requirements, such as industry specific workflows.

Customise solutions with InSight Solution Designer

InSight Solution Designer is a feature-rich, flexible, self-service tool that enables partners and system integrators to build and customise Iron Mountain InSight DXP to meet customer requirements, all within a low-code / no-code environment.
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User interface designer

Create custom user interfaces to better integrate into existing organisational workflows.

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Intelligent document processing

Auto-classify documents, extract metadata, and enrich content with AI, enhancing and automating document processing tasks.

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Workflow designer

Create custom digital workflows that can be tied into existing organisational workflows.

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Low-code / no-code environment

Interact with the system without possessing specialised skills or data science expertise.

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Integrated AI capabilities

Use integration with the latest generative AI (GenAI) applications for intelligent document search, summarisation, risk identification, translation, and categorisation using customer-only document sets.

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Out-of-the-box solutions and templates

Leverage pre-defined templates and solutions, all of which can be modified to meet an organisation’s unique needs, preventing everything from being built from scratch.

Real-time design and deployment

Enable users to quickly build and immediately deploy solutions or changes, boosting productivity and reducing administrative overhead requirements.
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Support for application programming interfaces (APIs)

Connect with existing tools and workflows with minimal or no programming needed.

InSight industry solutions

Iron Mountain InSight offers a variety of both cross-industry and industry-specific pre-built solutions that you can use as templates to create your own automated workflows using the platform’s low code environment or Iron Mountain’s skilled Professional Services team can modify them for you.

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