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Secure document destruction

The risk of exposing confidential records can prove costly for your business.

Employee records, customer account information and other sensitive data needs to be protected and destroyed securely.

To avoid the potential for identity theft, and the costly fines associated with a data breach or exposure of confidential documents, organisations often destroy eligible records.

Companies that specialise in the destruction of information operate in different ways. As such, it is important to consider the method that best suits your business needs.

Recurring paper shredding options

Pick a reliable shredding policy

Regardless of the service you select, document destruction solutions provide safe, efficient solutions for your business. By removing the labour and costs associated with such a monotonous and time-intensive task, you’ll free up resources, manpower and space. Whatever your needs and budget — Iron Mountain has a shredding service designed to help save you the time, effort and headache of managing document shredding on your own. Determine if Iron Mountain’s document storage service is right for you by talking to one of our Customer Service representatives.

When considering a document destruction solution for your business, there are numerous important factors to consider. Selective shredding vs. shred-all systems:

Selective Shred

Selective shredding services can be effective if there are only certain documents that need to be destroyed, but this option comes with several caveats:

  • You’ll have to rely on your employees to decide what gets destroyed.
  • You’ll have to create your own guidelines and make sure they adhere to both compliance and environmental laws.
  • You’ll have to spend time training your employees on what should and shouldn’t be destroyed, and how to destroy documents securely.
  • Your office shredders may not be able to handle the scale of materials needing to be destroyed.
  • You’ll need to monitor contents that are placed in trash or recycling bins


Shred-All document destruction is the most straightforward one, and a viable option if processing internally. It instructs employees to securely shred all relevant information no longer required by compliance law, as opposed to placing it in the trash.

  • The Shred-All option removes the burden of deciding which documents should be shredded off of employees, eliminating any worry associated with leaving sensitive information behind.
  • Although this is a somewhat straightforward option, it requires that your business has equipment like shredding machines that are easily accessible for all employees and that the shredders are resilient enough to withstand the bulk shredding requirements associated with the destruction of large quantities of confidential documents.

Why choose a secure shredding service?

A secure document shredding service provides a comprehensive, efficient and environmentally-friendly solution. By outsourcing the destruction of your sensitive information and safeguarding sensitive and confidential information, you’re ensuring that your reputation is protected. Iron Mountain’s Document shredding services also enable your organisation to save on the storage space and maintenance costs associated with housing paper copies of records that could easily be transferred to digital sources and then subsequently destroyed. By enlisting a secure shredding service, you’ll ensure that your business:

Maintains environmentally-friendly practices and reduces waste associated with the disposal of non-vital paper documents and information.


Reduces the costs associated with managing information assets that are no longer useful or necessary to your organisation.

safety and security

Avoids the penalties, fines, or potential legal action associated with a data breach.

signature approved

Ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards for information destruction.

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Shred your documents with Iron Mountain

With Iron Mountain secure shredding solutions, your business can ensure the safe, reliable and cost-effective destruction of sensitive information. Whether you choose our offsite shredding services on a one-time or recurring basis, our specialists provide a clear line of sight into the processes and procedures that not only destroy the necessary information but adhere to regulations and policies your business may not even be aware of.

Our secure offsite shredding solution provides the ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive paper documents and plastics. Everything from DVDs to X-Rays can be safely and securely disposed of in environmentally-friendly ways.

We’ll provide collection containers to your workplace, and our specialists will collect and transport your sensitive documents and materials to our secure destruction centre at regularly scheduled intervals. Our proprietary procedures and commercial grade equipment ensure the destruction of your sensitive materials is carried out quickly and effectively.

We recycle all by-product materials and provide a certificate of destruction for your records.

If your business requires a one-time shredding solution, our special project destruction service offers a fully-customisable option that will take care of specific and time-sensitive information destruction. All of our special project destruction services are carried out with the same level of security and reliability found in our recurring services.

When it comes to the destruction of your confidential information, Iron Mountain has the customisable, shred-all solution. For information about how our environmentally conscious, regulation adherent protocols can take the burden of document disposal off of your hands, contact us today.

Recurring paper shredding options

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Why work with Iron Mountain?

Why Iron Mountain?

For over 70 years, Iron Mountain has been protecting your sensitive business information through the end of its life cycle.

Whether you’re shifting gears to a new project or moving to a new space, clearing out the clutter of old business documents doesn’t need to be a headache or a security vulnerability. Iron Mountain will take care of your sensitive documents with shredding done by trained and vetted specialists who follow auditable chain-of-custody procedures.

Leader in Document Security

Since 1951, Iron Mountain continues to be a leader in secure document shredding. Our shredding services are NAID’s AAA-certified from i-SIGMA, which ensures Iron Mountain meets the highest legal and compliance regulations required for secure information destruction.

Protect Your Brand and Reduce Information Risk with Iron Mountain. Determine if Iron Mountain’s document storage service is right for you by talking to one of our Customer Service representatives.

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