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26 April 20196 mins
Green Power Pass Brochure

The fastest, easiest, and lowest-cost way to achieve your renewable energy, carbon reduction and other sustainability goals.

What is a green power pass?

The first offering of its kind in the data centre industry, Green Power Pass (“GPP”) is a data centre renewable energy solution that gives customers the ability to include the power they consume at any Iron Mountain data centre as green power in their CDP, RE100, GRI, or other sustainability reporting.

Iron Mountain data centres have been powered by 100% renewable electricity since 2017. As a result, Green Power Pass brings the data centre buyer and the corporate sustainability team together for the first time as they can now work together to achieve a cost effective green power solution.

Data centres are a large source of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) or carbon emission power consumption for many mid to large-sized organizations. As a result, being able to count colocation power as “green” means not having to go through time-consuming, costly efforts like purchasing renewable energy credits to offset the impacts of data centre operations.

With GPP, customers can claim their Iron Mountain colocation power consumption as green immediately upon contract execution. Additionally, once a year prior to reporting time, Iron Mountain provides a fully audited letter of attestation for all GPP customers to use in their reporting and assurance process. CDP made easy.

GPP attestation covers the entire amount of power consumed throughout the previous calendar year for both IT loads and associated PUE, assuming the organization was an Iron Mountain data centre customer during that period.


"Iron Mountain’s Green Power Pass is an exciting breakthrough for the data centre industry and a wonderful demonstration of the power of collaboration between industry and NGO’s. By being the first product that uses the Future of Internet Power Requirements for Supplier-Procured Renewable Energy, Iron Mountain is showing the way for data centre customers to easily access green electricity. Now all colocation and cloud customers of any size can be part of the movement to increase demand and help realize the goal of an internet powered by 100% renewable energy."

Miranda Ballentine, CEO - Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance


A game changer for your sustainability program

Green Power Pass is important for data centre customers with sustainability programs as it adds a significant amount of renewable energy to their overall power consumption mix. With significantly more green power to report, GPP customers achieve their sustainability objectives faster and with minimal effort. This can mean big savings for hyperscale data centre customers.

How does Green Power Pass work?

Green Power Pass is underpinned by Future of Internet Power (“FoIP”) standards, a consortium that includes contributors from public reporting agencies like CDP and WRI. The FoIP white paper defines how colocation providers are to procure and deliver renewable power to their facilities in order to claim their power as renewable and enable the recognized transfer of green power to customers.

Iron Mountain combines the FoIP principles with a transparent and audited chain of custody process to ensure maximum data integrity.

Who can purchase a Green Power Pass?

Any Iron Mountain data centre customer - regardless of size, location, spend, or type - is eligible to purchase a Green Power Pass at any time during their contract term. The most likely organizations to need a GPP are enterprise or hyperscale users who have a public sustainability commitment or want to do their part to help create a greener grid for everyone.

How much does a Green Power Pass cost?

GPP will be made available free of charge to all customers who sign up during the “Early Adopter” promotional period as our way of saying thank you for using our power for good.

This promotional period ends June 30, 2019, prior-to-which a long-term pricing plan will be announced.

How long does it take to get a Green Power Pass?

GPP is effective immediately upon contract execution, meaning customers can claim all power consumed the prior year as green on their CDP reporting at that time.

Letters of attestation will be issued once per year prior to customer commencement of CDP auditing.

Which Data centres are covered by GPP?

Customers may procure a Green Power Pass to address power consumed at any Iron Mountain data centre.

How to get your GPP?

Email a GPP request to your IMDC account team or submit a ticket using the online portal.

Added value

Promote the fact that you are a responsible data centre steward with a valid green power pass badge, green power pass seal, and a green power pass plaque for your workspace.

Get your valid Green Power Pass badge

Every Green Power Pass customer receives an Iron Mountain Valid Green Power Pass badge to use in email footers, websites, online advertising, and other digital use cases to show your commitment to sustainability and renewable energy in the data centre.

Green Power Pass seal

As part of the Green Power Pass package, every customer attaining a valid GPP will receive a letter of attestation validation the amount of power authorized to be included in the customer CDP report. The letter contains the official 100% GPP Renewable Power seal for authenticity purposes.

Valid Green Power Pass display medallion

Upon execution of the Green Power Pass agreement, customers may receive a Valid Green Power Pass medallion upon request to be displayed in the lobby area or like space of the customer’s office building. The medallion is clear with a frosted seal as to fit in well with any color scheme.


Iron Mountain engages with the following organizations and initiatives as part of our ongoing commitment to global sustainability.

Get your GPP

Ready to get your GPP? Need more information? Here’s how to engage.

  • Customers: submit your GPP request 24 hours a day using the online IMDC customer portal
  • Customers: email your GPP request to your dedicated IMDC account team
  • Not an IMDC customer? Email your GPP request to our general mailbox -


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