From banking and insurance to mortgages and loans, Iron Mountain offers myriad digital transformation solutions within the financial services industry.

Financial services

Are your competitors getting more value from their information?

Unlocking the value in information is essential for your success. But competition, increased regulation, explosive information growth and customer service expectations put more and more pressure on your information management programme. Our Financial Services Solution will help you manage:

  • paper records including mortgages and wills
  • electronic records including retail accounts and transfers
  • credit and commercial account files
  • signature cards
  • human resources files

How does the Financial Services Solution help you?

We can help you manage information through its lifecycle, from initial creation to secure disposition. Our integrated solution includes:

  • Off-site document management and storage – to streamline real estate, increase security and speed up records’ retrieval.
  • Scanning and digitising – to make accessing information fast and safe.
  • Tape and backup – to help you stay compliant and your data fully protected.
  • Technology escrow and domain name management services – to address intellectual property issues.
  • Experts who work with – you to manage compliance, retention, risks and every aspect of building an efficient and cost-effective information management programme.
  • 65
    We’ve spent close to seven decades servicing the needs of financial services customers
  • 2,500

    Of top financial services institutions choose us

  • 75%
    Reduction in money laundering case resolution times through the use of AI (Attivio)
  • 90%+
    Of financial services firms rely on our valuable solutions to help run their businesses

Frequently asked questions

We’ve got your back with answers to some of our frequently asked financial services questions.

I thought Iron Mountain was just a shredding and storage company. Are there other areas of expertise you can offer my organisation?
Yes. Iron Mountain can help your financial services organisation protect, unlock, and extend the value of your information and assets, whatever they are, wherever they are, and however they’re stored. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between paper, digital, media, and physical through secure workflows and business processes, in a manner that is environmentally responsible. Whether your goal is digital transformation, data and IT security, optimising your workplace and workspace, or sustainability (ESG), our team is ready to partner and help you design and execute the desired future state of your organisation. 
Being in the financial services industry, how does digital transformation apply to my organisation?

Iron Mountain works with more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies, including many that are financial organisations. Although digital transformation may look different for each organisation (i.e. small to midsize bank, commercial bank, credit union, mortgagor, lender, asset management firm, insurance company, etc.), most struggle to marry old with the new—combining legacy customer data stored on tapes or paper with new transactional data. Our goal is to help you overcome business challenges and improve productivity and efficiency through workflow automation, governance, and digitisation of information. Some common themes may be:

  • Unlocking the value of paper-based customer information through digitisation
  • Mitigating compliance throughout the lifecycle of your customer data and digital records
  • Creating and automating workflows for efficient use and access
  • Enabling paperless and digital back offices
How does Iron Mountain support financial services organisations with data and IT security?
Our Iron Mountain team can partner with your organisation to create an enterprise-wide strategy that can lower risk exposure across your IT assets, personal devices, sensitive files, and records and maximise your use of data centers. We specialise in working with financial organisations that require a secured process and provide dual custody throughout the handling of your IT assets. Our customers trust us with assets from bank branches, insurance offices, bank operational centers, mortgage processing locations, and more.
Our financial organisation needs help adapting our workplace to the rapidly changing hybrid workforce requirement. Is Iron Mountain able to assist?

Yes. In fact natural disasters, mergers and acquisitions, reduction of physical footprint (branch closures, operational centers downsizing, office relocations, and consolidations), increased remote workers, and staffing impacts may increase the need to reassess your existing business model. Our team can help determine the overall outcome of these impacts and create a plan to help you:

  • Clean up physical office space/real estate
  • Clean up legacy records
  • Reduce/eliminate paper and other physical media
  • Navigate a dynamic supply chain environment
  • Discuss a combined strategy that may include data and IT security and digital transformation solutions for the most optimal outcome 
What do you mean by sustainability and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) for our financial services organisation?

At Iron Mountain, we partner with our customers in a manner that is environmentally responsible and focus on reducing our use of fossil fuels through more sustainable practices. Our team of experts can assist your organisation with claiming renewable energy credits (RECs) for use towards your net-zero goals. We also offer solutions that can help your financial company:

  • Create and achieve nature-positive goals; achieve net-zero pledges
  • Provide accurate and timely reporting on ESG initiatives to stakeholders and regulators
  • Select vendors that align with (or help you achieve) your commitments
  • Enable a circular economy
How can I securely dispose of expired IT assets from my bank or financial institution?
Our secure IT asset disposition (ITAD) services can do just that. For example, one small regional bank we've worked with needed to safely and securely dispose of IT assets across five branches and a datacenter in order to begin a massive upgrade to its backend and customer-facing technologies. Here's how our solutions saved this particular bank in terms of data security, cost, and risk.

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Why work with Iron Mountain?

Why Iron Mountain?

Our comprehensive strategies help you address all your information management challenges. With decades of experience in information storage, protection and recovery for customers in financial services, we understand the industry and can deliver trusted solutions.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our case studies speak for themselves:

  • Learn how a leading investment management and financial advisory business standardised processes and saved money
  • See how a leading finance provider in the Netherlands improved storage and retrieval
  • Discover how a large bank benefited from scanning, storage, and processing

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