Transform paper into energy - Iron Mountain paperless energy solution

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Energy companies need to maintain compliance with a large and evolving set of regulations, with a growing focus on sustainability.

2 August 20236 mins
 Transform Paper Into Energy - Iron Mountain Paperless Energy Solution

Actionable insights for the energy industry

Business challenge:

The distributed nature of today’s business environment can create an ecosystem of diverse systems with multiple data types from various data sources, including; oil and gas well data and field maps, GPS data, and external data sources.

Most information is now digital, but many physical records are still archived offsite, and most organizations also often encompass multiple departmental “silos,” each utilizing its own records and information management processes. This lack of standardization creates inefficiencies that can negatively affect your ability to gain critical business insights from your information, and increases the risk of audits and legal action.

A content business services platform

Iron Mountain InSight® is a content services platform that provides actionable business insights and predictive analytics through Machine Learning (ML) -based classification of a company’s physical and digital information, which adds structure, context and meta-data to information to make it more usable. The resulting enriched content can then enable enhanced automated governance and workflow throughout your organization.