Digital Mailroom Services

Emergency COVID-19 Digital Mailroom Service now available.
Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom Services

Emergency COVID-19 Digital Mailroom Service now available.
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COVID-19 is forcing organisations to rethink their daily routines. Site access for many organisations has been restricted, forcing your teams to work from home. Important mail such as live checks and letters of credit are still being delivered but your team is unable to receive mail. It is imperative that your mail isn’t sitting during this time of crisis and you need a solution that can be implemented quickly.

Through a combination of Iron Mountain’s document scanning expertise, infrastructure and a modern, secure cloud storage repository, our Emergency Digital Mailroom service enables your organisation to continue to access critical mail through these changing times. You’ll be able to centrally access your mail, enable remote access to your employees and improve your information governance, security and privacy.



At times of crisis, such as COVID-19, we offer our customers an Emergency Digital Mailroom service. This emergency service allows mail clerks continuous access to your organisation’s inbound physical mail.

You can count on Iron Mountain scanning experts who have the experience, processes and infrastructure to scan, index and ensure quality control to meet your requirements.

Mailroom Digitisation Workflow


Iron Mountain Emergency Digital Mailroom service is a subscription solution that allows organisations to continue to access critical physical mail. This service enables you to:

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Go paperless

Leverage Iron Mountain scanning experts, processes and infrastructure to convert your inbound physical mail to digital through our extensive network of imaging centers.

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Quickly search

Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology through Google Cloud Vision API, the contents of your documents will be completely searchable by text or index, available for many file types and in 50+ languages. 
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Securely protect your information

Your electronic information will be encrypted at rest, and during transmission across a secure network with access restricted by encryption keys that you own & manage. Role-based permissions enable authorised users to access only the information that they need.
For advanced machine learning-based classification and analytics providing actionable insights to make better business decisions, you have the option to upgrade to Iron Mountain InSight® Enterprise Edition, part of the same platform, so you can easily scale up to meet your digital transformation goals.


In non-emergency times our Digital Mailroom service enables your organisation to transform your organisation to a more digital way of working. This service is for physical and electronic information and offers capabilities such as routing and uploading mail into your automated business process workflows and backend systems such as your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other systems.

Cut Paper Mail off at the Pass.

Gain control by automating incoming paper mail. Digital Mailroom is an automated postal system that scans and indexes documents on the fly and automates mail distribution throughout your organisation. Manage both paper and electronic mail through the same process, allowing you to standardise and reduce the risk of noncompliance with organisational policies. Increase efficiency and document control with mailroom automation.

With Digital Mailroom, you will be able to:

  • Reduce decision time
  • Ensure accurate data tracking
  • Improve customer service

Learn more about Digital Mailroom with this Solution Brief.

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Download the Solution Brief

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