Iron Mountain collaborates with AWS in India to extend data storage and management capabilities

The company deepens its partnership with Amazon, enables customers to accelerate their journey from physical to digital with AWS

18 October 2022 mins
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The company deepens its partnership with Amazon, enables customers to accelerate their journey from physical to digital with AWS

BANGALORE, India—Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM), a global leader in innovative storage, data center infrastructure, asset lifecycle management, and information management services, today announced its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in India to enable customers to accelerate their digital transformation journeys from physical storage to digital cloud storage at petabyte scale.

Through this collaboration, Iron Mountain will enable customers to use end-to-end services, including information lifecycle management across physical and digital content, to capture greater value from their data stored on AWS Simple Storage Service (AWS S3), an object storage service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. In addition, advanced AWS machine learning capabilities, such as Amazon Textract, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Rekognition, will help customers unlock value from their data.

Iron Mountain’s Software as a Service (SaaS) content services platform, Iron Mountain InSight (InSight), is available in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, test, buy, and deploy the third-party software they want. Iron Mountain offerings include Data Migration and Restoration Service, Data Scan and Ingest, and Data Policy Centre.

Iron Mountain InSight enables companies to accelerate digital transformation through increased visibility and control over their data, ensuring more informed decision-making. The platform consolidates physical storage, scanning, ingestion, and digital storage in a single operation, delivering transparency into where physical and digital assets are at all times.

This transparency reduces risk, drives compliance, and provides businesses with a centralized view of information stored on AWS. Iron Mountain InSight also offers functionalities such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) driven intelligent digital mailroom, enabling customers to extract text and data from scanned documents in more than 50 languages and many file formats, including PDF, TIFF, or Microsoft Office.

“We are excited to have our InSight SaaS platform and other data management services available in AWS Marketplace to enable our customers to achieve their digital objectives,” said Anuj Kapur, Head of India Region at Iron Mountain. “The ability to turn data into valuable and meaningful information for our customers is the ultimate objective for both our companies.”

“Partners are the force multiplier to accelerate cloud transformation in India. AWS and Iron Mountain are dedicated to delivering the best of both worlds for customers when they move from physical storage to digital cloud storage. In addition, our advanced analytics and machine learning (ML) capabilities will further help customers unlock value from their data,” said VG Sundar, Head of Business Development, Amazon Internet Services Private Limited.

“The collaboration between AWS and Iron Mountain addresses the storage, security, and availability needs of data entrusted to us," said Wei Ping Ong, Head of Alliances (Asia Pacific) at Iron Mountain. “As the foremost trusted providers of data management and storage, customers have the assurance that their digital transformation journey will be a smooth and complete one.”

About Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) is a global leader in innovative storage, data center infrastructure, asset lifecycle management and information management services. Founded in 1951 and trusted by more than 225,000 customers worldwide, Iron Mountain helps customers CLIMB HIGHER™ to transform their businesses. Through a range of services including digital transformation, data centers, secure records storage, information management, asset lifecycle management, secure destruction, and art storage and logistics, Iron Mountain helps businesses bring light to their dark data, enabling customers to unlock value and intelligence from their stored digital and physical assets at speed and with security, while helping them meet their environmental goals.To learn more about Iron Mountain, please visit: and follow @IronMountain on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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