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Healthcare medical records management

Deliver impactful outcomes through actionable health data insights

The health care industry deals in health management aiming to provide patients with excellent medical care. In an increasingly digital world, however, that care includes the management of every medical record.

Iron Mountain has partnered with companies for decades to deliver unparalleled health care and confidence. Patient medical records, health information, critical documents and many others are managed in physical files and through electronic record systems. By managing medical records, patient charts and personal data with precision and safety, we ensure your organisation can focus every employee’s attention on health.

By guarding your sensitive data through superior medical records management systems, Iron Mountain ensures the secure storage of your valued assets. Trusted, protected and guarded, your data is in safe hands, allowing the health care industry to concentrate on providing exceptional care to those in need.

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Enhance healthcare delivery and improve quality of patient care

How can I remedy a lack of standard health data management processes?

Inconsistent health records management policies can lead to unnecessary costs, lack of data integrity, increased burden on clinical staff, and risks associated with compliance and patient privacy.


Our enterprise-wide records and data management solutions strengthen privacy, security, and compliance. We help reduce the complexity around retention, digitization, and disposal of medical records.

What if my patient records are stuck in the past?

Patient records hold information that is of the utmost confidentiality. The days of hard copy printouts are all but obsolete. Cabinets packed with confidential paperwork are not only a potential onsite security risk but also take up an inordinate amount of real estate, especially in the offices of smaller practices.


Securely digitize your records with analytical insights that accelerate innovation, improve clinical productivity, and enhance patient experiences with our transformative digital solutions.

How can I fix outdated data and security protocols?

Healthcare IT has—and will—continue to evolve as data grows exponentially. Managing the complexity around securing this data, eliminating potential risks, creating business rules, and preventing data breaches is now a priority for organizations.


Iron Mountain’s portfolio of data compliance and security solutions helps you stay current with regulations, prevent threats, and maintain control of your data with confidence.

What is the best way to manage a growing inventory of pathology slides and blocks?

Tracking, locating, and retrieving slides and blocks is challenging; you need to transform your lab operations and empower your pathologists.


Iron Mountain’s digital pathology solutions offer slide digitization for intelligent analysis, streamlined operations, and protection of your invaluable assets.

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Managing medical records with Iron Mountain

The suite of tools available in Iron Mountain’s health care services are far-reaching and thorough. Whether your organisation is looking to protect physical files or manage an electronic record system, Iron Mountain will provide you with excellent medical record management for each document. You can rest assured knowing that the health records of your patients are safe.

In this complex era of health delivery and payment reform — including frequent regulatory changes and demands for greater transparency — Iron Mountain will strategically and securely manage your clinical and business information throughout its lifecycle. Physical files and patient data are of the utmost importance to the healthcare industry, and therefore to us.

With Iron Mountain’s health care services management, we can help your organisation:


Routinely check up on record practices

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Help identify cost-saving opportunities

disaster natural disaster

Manage liabilities and risk

safety and security

Protect and preserve delicate and important information

The need for security of patient records cannot be overstated. Managing patient medical records in accordance with patient data regulations can be complex at the best of times.

All patient data has a lifecycle. This means patient records are taken, saved and destroyed to protect and keep information secure. The retention of a patient’s medical records must end to maintain compliance and security. When the retention period expires, all patient data is to be uniformly and completely destroyed. However, if patient medical record collection, retention and deletion are not streamlined errors often occur.

The to-do list of medical practices might overwhelm patient data systems, and documents can be waylaid or forgotten. Human error and accidents happen, which can result in the loss or misplacement of patients’ medical records. If the system of patient data collection is not streamlined, patient information may live on, unprotected and vulnerable. Managing medical record systems will alleviate these issues, preserving patient data and ensuring medical records — whether physical files or in an electronic records system — are safely and completely dealt with.

Managing the data lifecycle in accordance with scales of data quality and compliance is vital. Authorised health care providers must have access to patient medical records during the data lifecycle, and structures must be implemented to be in accordance with governmental digital policies. Iron Mountain oversees the implementation and correction of management systems so that health information can be protected at all stages of the patient data lifecycle. Iron Mountain is fully equipped to securely destroy and dispose of patient data at the end of the retention period.

Whether in paper format or through Electronic Medical Records systems, Iron Mountain ensures security and compliance with government guidelines, establishing confidence in your organisation’s medical records management system.

Iron Mountain offers your health care organisation the ability to securely store and retrieve patient records. Transitioning your data records system to EMR or EHR offers numerous benefits to your organisation:

  • Provides exact, up-to-date information
  • Allows fast access to patient records for coordinated, effective care
  • Permits easy and safe sharing of patient medical records with other clinicians
  • Enables lower costs with higher quality

Electronic records systems speed the efficiency of your organisation, keeping patient records available and most importantly, safe. Iron Mountain’s electronic medical record system implementation means your organisation can concentrate on providing exemplary health care.

Moving from paper information to the implementation of an EMR system can be daunting. Iron Mountain will ensure that your organisation has the appropriate arrangements in place for records creation, storage, and retrieval, facilitating ease of access in an incredibly secure digital health care environment.

Trusting Iron Mountain’s expertise in streamlining patient record collection and storage will aid your organisation. Our planned process minimises errors, ensures patient confidentiality, and secures accurate retrieval of sensitive information.

Iron Mountain offers a wide variety of storage options for your valuable information.

Our physical file storage facilities are built to resist natural and man-made disasters, protecting your data through everything from seismic activity to hurricanes. These environmental control systems offer 24/7 services and security, and are tailored to the needs of the documents we are committed to protect. The healthcare industry’s dedication to the privacy of its patients will be echoed in the stable, safe environments Iron Mountain has created.

We strive to make electronic and physical file management systems accessible to the economic realities of your entity. Simultaneously, Iron Mountain is committed to protecting medical information with complex regulatory requirements while complying with all laws regarding sensitive information. The documents you entrust to our state-of-the-art storage facilities are given the utmost care and safety.

The encryption of electronic information is subject to the same requirements of security and protection. Your patients’ medical records, along with all other secure information, must be safe from cyber insecurity. Your patient’s health information is secure within Iron Mountain.

Our team of dedicated members is committed to helping you provide the best possible health care to those in need. Iron Mountain’s medical management implementation and systems are designed to keep medical records and documents safeguarded and secure. Your patients trust you with their health and lives, and know their medical records — both in physical files and electronic records systems — are in equally safe hands.

Iron Mountain protects patient data and other documents critical to the health care industry. We are experts in managing medical records, caring for your documents as you care for your patients' health.

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