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IT Asset lifecycle management services (ALM)

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Protect your data. Protect the environment. Protect your bottom line.

One of the most valuable assets and resources that your company owns is its data. It’s also important to your team because competitors and cybercriminals are also itching to get their digital hands on your data, which is why you need to protect your information from the time it is created until it's securely destroyed.

To protect your data, it’s imperative that the hardware assets on which your data resides are governed by effective asset lifecycle management (ALM). Secure destruction is key to keeping this resource safe, but it's also important to do so during its entire lifecycle.

What is IT asset lifecycle management?

Asset lifecycle management is a strategic approach to IT enterprise asset management that protects your data, ensures optimised utilisation, maximises your return on investment, and minimises your environmental impact.

Iron Mountain can partner with you to develop a program that cares for your IT assets from deployment and active usage to retirement and disposition, supported by our industry-leading data security and sustainability measures.

Iron Mountain’s ALM services include:

  • Configuration, imaging, asset tagging, rollout, and discovery
  • Inventory management and deployment
  • Decommissioning and data erasure
  • Remarketing, reclaiming, and recycling to recover value

Secure asset lifecycle management

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Here’s how our approach to ALM elevates your IT practices to help you maximise:

efficiency, reduce risk, increase competitive advantage, and exceed your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

ALM secure chain of custody

*subject to geographic availability

How Iron Mountain is different

data replication

Total Data Destruction

  • 10M+ drives sanitised
  • 100% sector-verified erasure guaranteed
  • No data was recovered from the drives we sanitised
SITAD Documents generic

Efficient, Certified Decommissioning Process

  • Data sanitisation complete in 1-2 days
  • Data Centre decommissioning complete in weeks vs. months
  • 1M+ servers and 3M+ drives processed annually
tape media

Unmatched Value Recovery

  • The world's #1 IT asset remarketing program
  • We make the market to maximise client-recovered value
  • Clients report up to 45% higher returns
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When you work with Iron Mountain, you can rely on our enhanced functionality and secure IT asset disposition (ITAD). We prioritise a secure chain of custody for every device or piece of equipment.

The Iron Mountain advantage

Your sensitive data. Our best-in-class security.


Your sensitive data. Our best-in-class security.

At every step of the ITAD journey, we provide meaningful end-to-end data protection. Starting with world-class logistics and global tracking services, we send our fleet of purpose-built trucks with advanced security features, operated by our carefully vetted and trained personnel, right to your doors. We then process your assets, ensuring a transparent, audit-ready, and traceable chain of custody with complete and comprehensive data destruction.

Deliver maximum value recovery and drive ROI


Deliver maximum value recovery and drive ROI

With more frequent individual device and data centre infrastructure refresh cycles, maximising agility, efficiency, and return on investment (ROI) is key for your competitive edge. Through our data centre remarketing services, customers report higher value recovery versus competitors, which helps fund tech refreshes and alleviate stretched budgets.

From onsite data sanitisation, de-installation, and device pickup to sustainable asset disposition, having one partner streamlines operations while reducing maintenance costs and managing security risks.

Where sustainability is the new it norm


Where sustainability is the new it norm

Continuous technological innovation has produced an explosion of e-waste which has resulted in increased regulation focused on improving global sustainability. At every step of the way, we work with our customers to reduce their carbon emissions and e-waste.

By enabling faster and less disruptive refresh cycles, we make it easier for companies to quickly deploy newer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly technology. At the same time, our remarketing and recycling programs minimise the amount of material entering waste streams. And our comprehensive, audit-ready reporting helps you manage performance against your ESG targets.

Unmatched offerings with a global reach


Unmatched offerings with a global reach

Your success is our success. With every interaction, we take the complexity and worry out of managing IT asset disposition (ITAD) for enterprises at any scale. We pride ourselves on a unique combination of global reach with a local focus that meets our customers wherever they do business, now offering ITAD services in over 30 countries. As one of the largest and most established players in IT asset disposition, we’re uniquely equipped to support all requirements.

Secure ITAD by the numbers

  • 8M
    Pounds processed per year
  • 32
    Countries supported globally
  • 650K+
     Assets processed per year
  • 59
     ITAD processing facilities

With most IT teams fully consumed by their “day jobs”—setting up new employees’ computers, managing network security, deploying and supporting applications, and maintaining infrastructure—there’s almost no time left to focus on best practices for IT asset disposition. Inadequate attention dedicated to the proper disposition of IT assets leads to increased risks, including loss of control over confidential data, lack of compliance, and impacted financial performance.

How our services elevate your ALM

Want to consolidate your IT asset management to gain global visibility and control? We’ve got you covered.

  • Data erasure: Reduce disruption, minimise environmental impacts, and increase recovery value by comprehensively sanitising every data-bearing device. Decommission even the largest data centres 7 – 10 times faster and virtually eliminate the risk of data loss.
  • IT asset remarketing: Recover maximum value and drive ROI with Iron Mountain’s industry-leading asset remarketing capabilities.
  • Environmentally responsible dispositioning: Ensure that all decommissioning activities adhere to industry best practices and regulatory compliance for environmental impact and Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Secure chain of custody: Identify and track every serialised asset, with multiple checkpoints and secure logistics, from client sites to world-class processing centres.

Whether it’s managing tech for remote workers, scaling facilities due to merger and acquisition activity, consolidations, or migration to the cloud, we’re here to help. Our portfolio of solutions enables your team to work with a single trusted partner. We provide:

  • Certified, audit-ready data sanitisation
  • End-to-end secure chain of custody
  • Maximum value recovery from retired assets
  • Compliant and environmentally responsible IT asset disposition
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Supporting your business with IT asset management services and secure ITAD for corporate end-user devices and data centres, including:

  • Physical audit
  • Onsite deployment
  • Asset storage
  • Asset tagging
  • Asset redeployment
  • Asset management API
  • Box program
  • Data erasure
  • Corporate end user decommissioning
  • Corporate end user console program
  • Secure IT asset disposition
  • Corporate end user console program
  • Recertification and reengineering

*subject to geographic availability

Are you ready to improve your asset lifecycle management with the Iron Mountain advantage? Reach out to our team today to get started.

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