Align your Records and Information Management and Governance Programs with firm strategic priorities to gain competitive advantage.

Today’s law firms are under growing pressure to manage risk, reduce costs, and keep up in an increasingly technology-driven industry—all while providing essential, top-notch legal services for clients.

When you partner with Iron Mountain, we provide the records and information management (RIM) and information governance (IG) tools you need for operational efficiency, faster access to records and data, and to meet compliance demands. 

Whether you’re migrating to a more digital way of working, or looking to reduce risk associated with records management, or even reducing your real estate footprint, our solutions help you stay on top of your practice—and ahead of your competition.

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A new kind of partner: Working with Iron Mountain is a game-changer

Reduce your real estate footprint

Law firms are under increasing pressure to reduce cost. Many firms operating in expensive urban centres are looking to lower their real estate costs, which are often a firm’s second largest expense. Location moves, remodeling, or negotiating lease renewals now involve taking a hard look at how to reduce the real estate footprint – and onsite records and file rooms are a good place to start.


By re-purposing the records space and moving records offsite, you can:

  • Enhance efficiencies
  • Mitigate risks and improve records accessibility
  • Re-purpose space for collaboration areas

Defensibly destroy legal records

Defensible disposition is a critical component to managing cost and risk, and a key element of law firm Information Governance procedures. Historically, records disposition initiatives have been a significant challenge to undertake, but the proliferation of both paper and electronic records – and associated storage costs – is bringing these programs to the forefront.

By defensibly destroying records, you can:

  • Drive cost savings
  • Reduce risk
  • Be compliant

Enable digital transformation

Many lawyers work on-the-go, and require immediate access to records and information. By digitising records and leveraging the cloud, law firms increase efficiency and can scale as they grow. As you migrate to a digital way of working, you can focus on core business processes and better leverage your technology investments.

These services enable you to:

  • Improve agility with better access and use of information
  • Increase efficiency with streamlined processes
  • Manage information growth and scale on-demand

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We have the experience and expertise to streamline your law practice while keeping your clients’ data safe—and secure. We are especially proud to partner with law firms like yours. Together, we elevate the power of your work.

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