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With very limited resources, this government agency needed to process hand-written registration forms within 48-hours.

5 December 20198 mins
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Government agencies serve varied community stakeholders and must tailor service delivery to meet the standards expected by constituents. Sometimes that means using communication channels that optimise customer experience but impact on process efficiencies.


This government agency needed to process hand-written registration forms within 48-hours. This two-step process included in-house scanning and data entry. With limited resources, the agency found the data entry function time-consuming and onerous.



  • Able to meet service level requirements with increased process efficiencies
  • Greatly reduced turnaround time
  • Lower operating costs


Government agencies use a wide spectrum of communication channels to address the varied profiles of their customers. In a world where consumers can be very vocal about glitches or perceived poor service, government agencies want to find solutions that are service-oriented but also cost efficient.


This government agency required customers to complete a handwritten registration form. The information collected on these forms was significant and required careful compliance management. The agency scanned these confidential forms in-house into their database. Further data entry was required that was delaying the expected 48-hour turnaround time. This was impacting key performance indicators, in particular service satisfaction.


Over the breadth of our business, Iron Mountain can call on various experts to enable the very best customer-focused solutions. A process was implemented to support in-house scanning and the transmission of images daily via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for data capture. Once received, the Iron Mountain team captures the information with a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround.


The agency is now meeting its service level requirement with increased process efficiencies and lower operating costs. The agency remains compliant with rigorous Government standards and the solution meets relevant legislative requirements.