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Iron Mountain & AWS

End-to-end information lifecycle management Digitise data – from Paper and Tape to Cloud Accelerate digital transformation

The data that runs your organisation is growing exponentially and is created in a variety of ways - physical documents, backup tapes, files on hard drives, content created in SaaS-based applications, and more.

As you continue your digital transformation journey, it can be difficult to get control of all your data, and ensure information governance policies and retention periods are enforced while also reducing data privacy and security risks and enabling business insights.

You need an intelligent data management strategy for all your information so you can ensure compliance, reduce risk, protect against data loss and cyber threats, and accelerate innovation.

Iron Mountain helps you seamlessly migrate data stored on tape or in paper format to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Additionally, Iron Mountain can help you migrate tape based information to Amazon S3 Glacier (S3 Glacier) or Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive (S3 Glacier Deep Archive) for long-term data retention and storage

Worldwide data creation is expected to grow to 163 zettabytes by 2025.


Source: IDC’s Data Age 2025 study, sponsored by Seagate, March 2017
AWS Technology Partner

 A+e networks 

Preserve and share archival analogue film footage in new digital productions in the cloud.

Iron Mountain Insight® Essential Edition on AWS

Iron Mountain InSight Essential Edition is a subscription solution that combines scanning of physical documents and digital storage in a secure cloud repository hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You have the option to ingest documents from other digital repositories as well as file upload capabilities for your users.

Data restoration and migration services for aws

Iron Mountain’s Data Restoration and Migration Services (DRMS) for AWS include moving data from one data source, such as a backup tape or hard drive, to another storage target like cloud. By identifying the data you have at the source, you can catalog what you have and archive the data that must be kept to satisfy long-term compliance, defensible dispose of data that is no longer needed, and integrate your most critical data with applications to use your data to the fullest.

Restoration services, which are fully-managed by Iron Mountain, are also available so you can store infrequently accessed legacy data in air-gapped, cold storage where it remains easily accessible whenever needed while active data is stored on disk or the cloud.
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Learn more about Data Restoration and Migration Services for AWS.

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Iron Mountain and AWS

Iron Mountain and AWS help team coco move to the cloud. See how the Conan O'Brien show digitised older content in time for their anniversary and created a go-forward cloud strategy.

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The Iron Mountain and AWS difference

  • Confidently manage physical and digital information from disparate sources - from paper and tape to cloud
  • Ensure compliance and adhere to data security, privacy and storage regulations
  • Shrink the volume of information stored, reducing redundant, obsolete or trivial information (ROT) and overall storage costs while also protecting against data loss and breaches

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