Customize and maximize with InSight Solution Designer


Quickly design, build, and deploy comprehensive, secure, and compliant information management solutions in a single platform

29 April 202412 mins
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Executive summary

Iron Mountain, a long-standing leader in document management, provides the comprehensive InSight® Digital Experience Platform (DXP), a tool that paves the way for organizations to embrace digital transformation. An integral piece of this overall platform is Iron Mountain InSight® Solution Designer, a flexible tool that enables a solution provider to both build and customize the overall platform to meet the exacting needs of the organization. The self-service capabilities and low-code model of Solution Designer empowers end users and administrators to drive better productivity by putting the control into the hands of the people who can utilize it fully as they best understand their workflows and procedures.

With InSight Solution Designer, you can take advantage of:

  • A set of low-code and templated solution design tools that can be used to create custom user interfaces and workflows
  • An integrated model design tool to enable intelligent document processing
  • Integration with the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology

Customize and maximize with InSight Solution Designer

Market drivers

As organizations digitize, they need a platform to manage content. Solution providers face the challenge of creating tailored solutions for different industries and customers, often hindered by outdated or limited tools that don’t integrate well, causing potential security risks and compliance issues.

Solution providers also require a platform with the necessary tools for quick development, deployment, and customization of solutions. A high level of self-service is vital for both providers and end customers in today’s cloud-centric IT world, as users need flexibility and empowerment for successful system deployment.

Iron Mountain InSight Solution Designer

As part of InSight DXP, InSight Solution Designer is an innovative component of the platform that enables solution providers to quickly design, build, and deploy comprehensive, secure, and compliant information management solutions in a single platform.

Delivered by key solution providers who work directly with Iron Mountain, InSight DXP is a low-code solution that brings tremendous power to organizations as they make their move into a digitally transformed future.

Key software features of InSight Solution Designer

InSight Solution Designer is a feature-rich application that enables incredible amounts of customization, all within a low-code / no-code environment. Some of the key features that can be found in the application include:

  • User interface designer – Enables the creation of custom user interfaces that enable the platform to better integrate into existing organizational workflows
  • Intelligent document processing – Designed to enable the auto-classification of documents, the extraction of metadata, and the enrichment of content with AI, enhancing and automating the intelligent document processing tasks
  • Workflow designer – Creates custom digital workflows that can be tied into existing organizational workflows
  • Low-code / no-code environment – Enables users to interact with the system without possessing specialized skills or data scientist expertise
  • Integrated AI capabilities – integration with the latest generative AI (genAI) applications for intelligent document search, summarization, risk identification, and categorization using customer-only document sets
  • Out-of-the-box solutions and templates – Get up to speed quickly through pre-defined templates and solutions, all of which can be modified to meet an organization’s exact needs, preventing everything from being built from scratch
  • Real-time design and deployment – Enable users to quickly build and immediately deploy solutions or changes, boosting productivity and reducing administrative overhead requirements
  • Support for application programming interfaces (APIs) – Compatibility with major applications and frameworks enabling the easy connection of existing tools and workflows with minimal or no programming needed at all