IM employee preparing documents for shredding

Shred cleanout checklist


Phone: 1300 476 668


This form is used for bulk cleanouts of onsite materials that need to be securely destroyed. You will need an existing Shred account. If cartons are barcoded or associated with a Records Management account they will need to be permanently retrieved prior to having them destroyed on your Shred account. Alternatively you can arrange destruction of your Records Management cartons on your Records Management account with our Service Delivery Team.

SECTION 1. Cartons*

Standard Carton Size (30 litres):
Condition of the cartons:
Are they on pallets?
If cartons are on pallets, Section 2 must be completed.
Is there parking at the premises?
Please describe the location of items:
Other special requirements:

SECTION 2. Pallets (if applicable)

Replacement pallets?
Are they shrink wrapped?
Other special requirements:

SECTION 3. Other items for collection

Please list items other than cartons or pallets relating to this cleanout:

Please note that our drivers are unable to carry boxes up or down stairs due to Work Health and Safety requirements. Your cartons must be placed on the ground level and be easily accessible. If the driver attends the site and is unable to collect the cartons as they are not placed on the ground floor, a futile charge may be applied.


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