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Contract requirements

In general, any business arrangement between Iron Mountain and a supplier of goods and/or services with an anticipated total contract value greater than $50,000 or their equivalent in local currency should be documented and signed by a duly authorized officer of Iron Mountain and its suppliers and maintained on file with Iron Mountain Global Procurement.

As a condition of becoming an approved Iron Mountain Vendor, Vendor must agree to the following requirements:

Insurance Requirements, Background Investigation Requirements, Government Flow Down Terms, and IT Information Security Requirements. These are referred to in Iron Mountain’s Professional Services Agreement (PSA), which is its preferred contract document.

Additionally, for all of the following contractual categories listed below, a signed contract and/or purchase order will need to be in place, regardless of the dollar value of the purchase or commitment:

Under the following circumstances contracts are required regardless of dollar value:

  • Vehicle lease or any long-term financial commitment
  • Supplier providing either direct or indirect services to Iron Mountain’s customers
  • Software, software maintenance, and/or order forms including software as a service
  • If the supplier is developing any Iron Mountain proprietary product or service
  • Supplier has access to confidential or protected information
  • Supplier is providing services onsite or has access to Iron Mountain systems or facilities
  • Supplier risk assessment indicates a need for contractual protections

Please note that a Purchase Order is considered a contract with the following Terms and Conditions.

For suppliers that incur travel related expenses that Iron Mountain has contractually agreed to reimburse, you can view our standard policy guidelines for Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expenses.

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