Iron Mountain’s suite of pathology solutions include digital pathology and long-term preservation and storage of slides, blocks, and scans.


Iron Mountain Digital Pathology solutions

Slide into the digital age

Transforming pathology and lab operations

As clinicians become increasingly dependent on lab tests for patient diagnoses, laboratory managers and pathologists need streamlined operations and automated workflows while managing secure long-term slide and image storage.

Iron Mountain provides pathology solutions to help laboratories manage an ever-growing volume of slides and blocks. Our Digital Pathology On Demand (DPOD) solution delivers faster access to high-quality slide images by eliminating the wait for physical slide delivery from archival storage prior to scanning while securing shared images in a scalable managed environment.

With DPOD, you can search, annotate, and share images to facilitate collaboration and archive them for future use. DPOD can facilitate your use of artificial intelligence (AI) for analysis of slide images.

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In-house specimen storage: Separating myth from reality

Myth: Cost of storage

Outsourcing storage is more expensive than in-house solutions.


Reality: Most labs aren’t able to cite the actual cost of managing specimens in-house—including real estate and resource line items—on their budgets.

Myth: Temperature and humidity control

Temperature and humidity controls are not a priority for ambient specimen storage.


Reality: Our pathology-specific procedures ensure that your slides and blocks remain at temperature during transit to our secure facilities and are placed in storage at College of American Pathologists (CAP)-compliant standards of below 77–80°F (25–27°C).

Myth: Reduced risk of litigation

Labs place a high importance on reducing litigation risk by adequately preserving specimens.


Reality: In-house storage locations can unknowingly become high-risk when storage is fragmented across multiple locations with varied environmental and access controls.

Myth: Staff productivity

In-house storage enhances staff productivity because everything is onsite and easily accessible.


Reality: Our digital pathology solutions replace physical handling of slides, and improves collaboration with rapid retrieval and on-demand, secure access.

Myth: Ease of location and access

Slides and blocks must be stored onsite for quick and easy access.


Reality: Only about 10% of all slides and blocks are recalled at some point. Our digital pathology solutions reduce slide damage or even slide loss due to mishandling.

Iron Mountain’s pathology solutions help laboratories manage an ever-growing inventory of slides and blocks.

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We have the experience and expertise to improve efficiency in your laboratory operations while keeping your clinical and patient data safe—and secure. We are proud to partner with laboratories like yours. Together, we elevate the power of your work. 

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