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Quickly turn documents into information you can use while increasing productivity.

April 29, 20246 mins
Harness the power of AI

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) extracts information from stored documents, aiding analysis and automating workflows. Iron Mountain's InSight IDP platform is a low-code SaaS solution that excels at handling high volumes of structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data without the need for data science or software engineering expertise. This enables applications to classify and extract key information, automate business processes, and generate valuable insights.

Our extensive experience of over 70 years in protecting the most valuable assets of Fortune 1000 companies across a wide range of industries is built into our tools, enabling the automation of workflows tailored towards specific application needs. Offered as a managed service, or with a low-code development environment that provides all the necessary tools and libraries, IDP enables customizable, automated document processing workflows with AI experts that help optimize productivity, time, effort, and cost.

With IDP, businesses can streamline document workflow automation, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual intervention. By seamlessly integrating IDP into existing ecosystems, data flows and collaboration are optimized between different systems and teams.

Sensitive information is handled with the utmost safety and compliance throughout the document lifecycle, effortlessly scaling to handle growing document volumes, even as demands increase.


IDP’S intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables a seamless pathway for customized models and processors, easily streamlining AI workflows, adapting to exacting needs, and delivering highly precise outputs.

Customize and test

InSight IDP delivers a flexible environment for creating custom functionality through processors with little or no coding required.

Extract and classify

IDP’s AI models possess exceptional classification and document extraction capabilities, enhanced by their immense OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities for PDF and JPG datasets, delivering accurate results in up to 100 languages. By leveraging top-of-the-line models, including multimodal models, IDP immediately delivers streamlined document analysis and processing tasks with unmatched accuracy and efficiency, seamlessly integrating into existing enterprise applications.