Document Scanning Services – How it Works

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See how a paperless office can help you free up valuable space with document scanning services provided by Iron Mountain.

February 23, 20243 mins


Information is critical to the success of your growing business

But sorting through piles of paper, file cabinets and boxes to find what you need is time consuming and costly. You’re on the quest for a more paperless office, but where do you start?

By scanning your documents with Iron Mountain and improving access electronically, you streamline processes and free up valuable space—giving you back the time you need to focus on key initiatives.

So how does it work?

First, we work with you to create a scanning solution that fits your business needs.

Scanning specialist/consultant: [The real benefit of working with us isn’t to scan everything, but knowing what to scan. We’ll help you design a program that meets both your current and future needs.]

Then simply have your documents delivered, shipped or picked up via secure transportation to our imaging facility for processing.

From there, our imaging specialists will prepare and convert your documents from paper to digital—ensuring that your indexing, classification and QA requirements are met.

Imaging specialist: [Once scanned, your images will be delivered via secure media for upload to your document management system. Or you can opt to have your images securely hosted by Iron Mountain.]

When you store your digital images via our electronic repository—Digital Record Center—you have 24/7 web-based access to your critical information any time, any place.

Driver: [Scanning your documents with us frees up valuable space and enables you to move towards a paperless office—so you can focus more time on the core of your business.]

Simply put—at Iron Mountain, we take care of your information, as if it were our own.