Drive value from physical and digital unstructured content with Iron Mountain InSight Digital Experience Platform

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Automate manual processes, enable audit-ready compliance, and make information accessible

29 April 20246 mins
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InSight DXP is a scalable, low-code, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that ingests and processes unstructured content and can integrate with your key business processes and systems. The modular platform enables fast solution development that can combine physical and digital content management, intelligent document processing, workflow automation, and information governance capabilities to solve information challenges end to end.

InSight DXP can ingest information from a variety of digital and physical sources, scaling ingestion to the cloud efficiently to satisfy everyone’s needs – from midsize and smaller customers all the way to the largest enterprise and the public sector.

The application services layer provides common core capabilities, asset ingestion, user management, asset management, management of external integrations, and the ability to publish content to channels.

The platform combines intelligent document processing, content management, and information governance capabilities:

  • As it ingests assets, the platform uses InSight Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to provide generative artificial intelligence (genAI), as well as a library of models trained to classify and extract information. This enables analysis, monetisation, and workflow automation, and it makes assets searchable. This low-code SaaS solution excels at handling high volumes of structured, semistructured, and unstructured data without the need for data science or software engineering expertise. The human-in-the-loop capability allows users to check, validate, and quickly correct extracted information when models return low confidence for a given asset.
  • InSight Content Management provides users with access to physical and digital content and robust search, filtering, and collaboration features. It enables workflow automation to drive efficiency, and case management to improve time to decision and customer experience, all enhanced by the classification and metadata extraction from IDP. GenAI lets users quickly understand documents by querying and summarising the documents’ content in seconds. Customisable dashboards provide the right information to users based on their role.
  • InSight Information Governance provides a systematic and auditable system for protecting the document lifecycle, minimising the risk to both the company and its customers. Organisations can manage and apply the appropriate retention rules so that privacy and compliance obligations are being properly addressed. As rules and regulations change over time, especially with respect to individual geographic regions, Iron Mountain’s Policy Centre software integrates with InSight DXP to help customers stay abreast of all the latest developments and requirements, minimising their potential exposure through defensible retention rules. Shared taxonomy across the system enables the automatic enforcement of retention rules, and a full audit history is available indicating any interaction at the document, application, group, or even user level.

End-to-end audit history, asset tracking, and centralised metadata management enable the capabilities to work together seamlessly and provide unified management and consistent taxonomy to enable efficiency and compliance.

InSight DXP provides an intuitive user interface that can be customised to build new solutions or to calibrate the experience to meet a specific customer need. InSight DXP can also be deployed as a headless content management system (CMS) feeding a custom user interface (UI). For example, it can be deployed for an existing web experience or for a specialised UI such as a specialised viewer for specific asset types and/or user roles.

The modular, low-code platform provides rich self-service capabilities for user management, role-based access controls, document type and metadata management, workflows, and dashboards. Integrations can also be built quickly using prebuilt connectors or by using the API for custom integrations with other systems, such as legacy platforms, for example.

Together, uniquely spanning physical and digital assets, these capabilities provide a comprehensive solution for the full information lifecycle—from capture and indexing to governing and then defensibly and responsibly disposing of assets—enhancing value and efficiency for clients across industries and sectors.