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Fuel surcharge

Iron Mountain applies a monthly adjusted fuel surcharge to customer invoices. Adjustments to the fuel surcharge are effective from the first of each month and updated on this web page approximately two weeks prior to the effective date.

The fuel surcharge is indexed to the consumer price in Euros of diesel fuel inclusive of duties and taxes. Within Europe this is measured by the European Commission Directorate General for Energy and Transport and published in the Oil Bulletin which can be accessed here

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What the fuel surcharge applies to

The fuel surcharge applies to transportation charges (Trip Charges) on all services. For a complete list of items included in the fuel surcharge calculation, please refer to the following table: click here to view the eligible trip charge bill codes

Current Fuel Surcharge


Month Surcharge
July 15.44%
June 16.56%
May 16.56%

Fuel Surcharge rate table

Iron Mountain Europe
EU Oil Bulletin Diesel € per litre
Up to Surcharge %
1.199 7.00%
1.23 7.56%
1.261 8.13%
1.292 8.69%
1.323 9.25%
1.354 9.81%
1.385 10.38%
1.416 10.94%
1.447 11.50%
1.478 12.06%
1.509 12.63%
1.54 13.19%
1.571 13.75%
1.602 14.31%
1.633 14.88%
1.664 15.44%
1.695 16.00%
1.726 16.56%
1.757 17.13%
1.788 17.69%
1.819 18.25%
1.85 18.81%
1.881 19.38%
1.912 19.94%
1.943 20.50%
1.974 21.06%
2.005 21.63%

Fuel surcharge percentages and thresholds are subject to change without prior notice. In addition, if the diesel fuel price fluctuates beyond the parameters set out above, the table will be updated.

What you will see on your bill

We adjust fuel surcharges monthly—up or down—as fuel prices change. Changes are applied at the end of each month and are reflected on the invoice as a separate line item.

There will be a two month lag in the application of the index. For example, the monthly average price for the diesel price in January is used to determine the applicable surcharge for March. This is due to the release dates of the spot pricing data.

Examples – EU Oil Bulletin € per Litre

Assume that your contracted trip charge is £30 and that the EU Oil Bulletin monthly average diesel per litre price is €1.009. Your fuel surcharges rate would be 3.69%. In sterling terms, that would be £30 per trip X 3.69% = £1.107 per trip surcharge.

If the monthly average Oil Bulletin diesel price decreased to €0.921/litre for a measurement month, the surcharge (applied to the month that follows the measurement month by two month) would decrease to 3.06%. In sterling terms, that would be £30 per trip X 3.06% = £0.92 per trip surcharge

Conversely, if the monthly average Oil Bulletin diesel price increased to €1.052/litre for a measurement month, the surcharge (applied to the month that follows the measurement month by two month) would increase to 4.32%. In sterling terms, that would be £30 per trip X 4.32% = £1.30 per trip surcharge.

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