The four "S's" that underpin ITAD strategy: Security, Sustainability, Scale, and Savings

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IT asset disposition (ITAD) is an important piece of data security risk management-and it is something that organizations often overlook.

The Four “S’s” that Underpin ITAD Strategy: Security, Sustainability, Scale, and Savings

Data security risks, including breaches, are in the headlines nearly daily. Breach costs increased 13% from 2020 to 2022, according to IBM. And with 2022 breach costs now at an average of $4.35 million globally ($9.9 million in the US), an incident can penalise you on financial and reputational levels.

Iron Mountain Singapore's IT asset disposition (ITAD) is an important piece of data security risk management—and it is something that organisations often overlook. Poor management of retired hardware can expose sensitive corporate data, and lead to government-levied fines and penalties. Despite the risks associated with hardware disposition, a new survey from Foundry reveals that many companies are neglecting proper security precautions. More than 40% of companies surveyed still do not yet have a formal ITAD strategy in place.

These figures demonstrate that, much to the peril of data security and reputational risk, ITAD is often an after-thought. Like a homeowner who doesn’t think about the plumbing until the pipes freeze, few stakeholders think about ITAD until an adverse event occurs.

It is time to envision things differently. Organisations must start recognising ITAD as a strategic practice to ensure data security, support sustainability, enable scale, and save money. In this report, we will look at the four S’s of ITAD—Security, Sustainability, Scale, and Savings—and explore how the challenges and opportunities for organisations they present.

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